Ebike Gifts for the New Rad Rider

Ebike Gifts for the New Rad Rider

Whether it’s taking a RadRunner to visit friends or hopping on a RadMission to hit up a favorite brunch spot, an incredible lifetime of riding Rad begins with their first ride.

We have a few gift suggestions that’ll get your soon-to-be electric bike fanatic off to the best possible start.

A Hyban helmet on an orange background. The text overlay says In Stock Now.

Before your friend even thinks about taking a spin, they should strap on a helmet. Show them you care with a Hyban Helmet. With an integrated, bright LED rear light, the Hyban 2.0 is perfect for everyday rides.

A front-mounted basket on an orange backround. The text overlay says "Get it in time" and "Haul your gifts."

Give them a basket and transform their new ebike into a stylish have-bike-can-carry ride.

A Large electric bike basket on an orange background. The text overlay says "Get it In Time" and "Bring it with a Basket"

Give them a Front-Mounted or Large Basket to help them carry loads big or small (but definitely big!)


A roll-top basket liner on an orange backdrop. The text overlay says "Pack it In" and "In Stock Now"


Want to make their new basket even more useful? Go with a roll-top basket liner. Its grab-and-go interior, roll-down protection, and sizing available for both large and small baskets make it easy to carry gym gear, takeout, or latest farmer’s market haul from bike to inside.


Not sure what electric bike to gift someone? The all-new RadCity 5 Plus is available now -- plus, we just dropped the price on the classic RadCity 4. Want more gift ideas for the new rider? Shop our full collection!

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