5 Ways a RadWagon Can Help You Reimagine Halloween

5 Ways a RadWagon Can Help You Reimagine Halloween

We’ve talked a lot about how an ebike can help you climb hills, haul groceries, and master your commute (Not to mention survive a zombie invasion!), but one of our favorite uses for an electric bike is grabbing the kids and hitting the streets for some Halloween fun. 

Here are five ways a RadWagon electric cargo bike can help you scare up a good time with the family. 

1. They Have a Sweet Cargo Capacity

The handlebars of a RadWagon festively covered in white and orange Halloween lights in a dark room.

Do you ever steal a piece of two of your kid’s Halloween candy? Don’t worry. 79 percent of parents fess up to skimming off the top.

If this sounds like you, then it’s probably a safe bet that you’re invested in how much candy your kiddo can get each year. That’s where an ebike comes in. 

The average pillowcase can hold 1,690 pieces of candy. Let's say you weigh about 180 lbs, your child weighs 50 pounds, and a snack-size candy bar weighs 17 grams. With the RadWagon, you'd be able to carry up to 3,201 of those sugar bombs back home with you. 

2. They Put the “Care” in “Scare”

If you’re planning on goblin’ down that candy, it’s worth remembering that ebikes are a great way to squeeze in a workout.  

For every hour you ride an electric bike (vigorously and with a minimal level of pedal-assist), you can burn somewhere around 440 calories. That adds up to about 5 1/2 fun-sized chocolate bars!


3. You Can Enjoy Bone Dry Rides 

A man and daughter with a RadWagon at a park. The daughter lies down in the back of an attached Conestoga while the man laughs.

While your family’s resident Trick or Treaters may be in the Halloween spirit, there’s always the chance that fall weather can spoil the evening.

A RadWagon can keep your little monsters happy and comfortable through the long haul when you equip it with accessories designed for more family time.

A caboose, deckpad, deckhand, and running boards can transform your RadWagon into a VIP ride for up to two kids, but when you add on a conestoga, you can also keep them dry when there’s a sudden downpour.


4. More Views, More Boos! 

A father and two children pick out pumpkins at a pumpkin patch alongside a RadWagon electric bike.

For years, Trick or Treat routes were limited by how far your kids can walk. With a RadWagon, you open the family up to more possibilities.

With 72+ kilometers per charge, you can visit your friends across town, stop by the big open-air party downtown, and even check out that house a few miles away that went all-in with their decorations this year.


5. They're Always Down to Dress-Up

A collage featuring a woman rider who dressed up their RadWagon to look like a unicorn for Halloween.

Okay, your bike may not need its own costume (although a few RadWagon riders clearly disagree), but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your bike to help it be seen and keep things safe, like with reflective safety stickers or a premium headlight.

And to keep an eye on what may be creeping up behind you, a Rad Mirror* can easily be installed to your handlebars!

*Please note: The Rad Mirror will not show vampires.


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