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Electric Fat Bike

The ultimate all-purpose electric bike that still looks like a bike but feels like a jet. Go Anywhere. Do Anything.

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Electric Cargo Bike

Stylish, safe, and comfortable, the RadWagon lets you leave your car in the garage and get biking.

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Electric Folding Fat Bike

Folded, it's discreet when space is limited. Unfolded, it's powerful when fun is your goal.

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Folding, fat tire, step-thru, perfection. The brand new RadMini Step-Thru is everything you can possibly want in an ebike, and more.

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Electric Commuter Bike

Arrive to work quickly and safely, all while making your coworkers jealous.

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No need to keep looking, this is the true electric comfort cruiser you've been searching for.

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Riding Rad with Rad Power Bikes
"Riding Rad" is our ongoing video series where we discuss all things biking, electric or not. From proper sizing, to changing a flat tire, to riding etiquette, we will teach you how to be a true Rad Rider!
Regenerative Braking | Riding Rad
At Rad Power Bikes, we often get asked if pedaling can recharge the battery on your ebike. Alas ... Your pedals do not possess such wizardry, but there is good news for riders clinging to their last bar of charge like a retriever on a rope knot: Your brake levers do just that!
Riding Etiquette | Riding Rad
Few things are as fun as riding rad on your ebike from RPB, but, there are some important rules to keep in mind. In this week's episode of "Riding Rad" we talk through a few of the most important pieces of riding etiquette you'll need to know to ride safely.
Theft Prevention | Riding Rad
Electric bikes are an investment, and because of this, you'll want to make sure they're protected! In this week's episode of "Riding Rad" we talk through a few of the things you'll want to think about when buying a lock and securing your ebike when not in use.
Proper Sizing | Ride Rad
Everyone’s body is different and making sure you’re getting the right bike for your unique body proportions can seem like one of the most difficult things to do when ordering any bike online. In this week's episode of "Riding Rad" we take you through the steps you'll take to properly measure and size yourself to ensure your ebike fits you great!
Changing a Flat | Riding Rad
Despite your best efforts, most riders will experience a flat at least once while riding. Replacing a tube can seem like a daunting task, but we're here to help! In this week's episode of "Riding Rad" we take you through the steps you'll take to remove your wheel, replace your tube, and get you back riding!
Tools To Carry | Riding Rad
Though the hope is that you'll never need to use them, there are a variety of handy tools and parts that are great to always have on hand. In this week's episode of "Riding Rad" we take you through some of the items that we recommend to carry to ensure you can always Ride Rad!
Ebike Anatomy | Riding Rad
Electric bikes (ebikes) may seem complicated, but really, they are actually pretty simple and straightforward! In this week's episode of "Riding Rad" we take you through the basics and answer the simple question of, "What is an ebike?"
Safety Gear | Riding Rad
Aside from making sure you are having a Rad time while riding, safety is the most important thing to keep in mind! In this week's episode of "Riding Rad" we put together a short video giving you a quick rundown on what we think some of the most important factors of Riding Rad are!

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