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RadRunner™ 3 Plus Electric Utility BikeRight side view of a charcoal RadRunner 3 Plus electric utility bike
RadRunner™ 3 Plus Electric Utility Bike
(4.5) 20 Reviews
From $2,799 CAD
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Save $350 CAD
RadExpand™ 5 Electric Folding BikeRadExpand™ 5 Electric Folding Bike
RadExpand™ 5 Electric Folding Bike
(4.5) 570 Reviews
$1,749 CAD $2,099 CAD
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Save $200 CAD
RadRunner™ PlusRadRunner™ Plus
RadRunner™ Plus
(4.5) 364 Reviews
$2,199 CAD $2,399 CAD
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Save $400 CAD
RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru Glossy WhiteRadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru Glossy White
RadRover™ 6 Plus Step-Thru Electric Fat Tire Bike
(4.6) 443 Reviews
$1,699 CAD $2,099 CAD
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Rad Power Bikes | RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru WhiteRad Power Bikes | RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru White
RadCity™ 5 Plus Step-Thru Electric Commuter Bike
(3.8) 246 Reviews
$2,299 CAD
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Right side view of the black RadRunner 2 electric utility bikeAngled right side view of the black RadRunner 2 electric utility bike
RadRunner™ 2 Electric Utility Bike
(4.7) 1464 Reviews
$1,899 CAD
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Side view of the RadExpand 5 Plus in Slate Blue.Diagonal image of the RadExpand 5 Plus in Slate Blue.
RadExpand™ 5 Plus Electric Folding Bike
$2,499 CAD
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Step-Through Electric Bikes

These ebikes are referred to by their frame design -- the frame is low enough that a rider can “step” easily  to mount and ride. Step-through frames are a purpose-built shape that create a naturally low center of gravity,helping make the bikes strong, durable, and balanced. More importantly, it helps make the ride Rad. Almost all of Rad Power Bikes’ models offer step-through options because of the many benefits that a lower standover height provides for any rider or ride-style.

By design, our step-through electric bikes come with chargeable batteries, motors, and controllers, providing power support up to 20 mph of power through pedal assist or a half-twist throttle. Our step-through models are also typically engineered with gears allowing you to shift your pedaling cadence across different terrains or elevations.

Benefits of a Step-Through Ebike 

Step-through frames provide balance and stability, while the electric power helps support your ride. We hear from many customers that they are able to start riding again or ride even more with an accessible frame and optional power boost to their pedaling.

Because of their lower frame shape, these ebikes are especially comfortable for people who are shorter, seniors, or people with mobility or physical challenges. Step-through frames tend to offer a slightly more upright riding position while you’re pedaling which puts a little less pressure on wrists and lower back.

Carrying passengers, pets, groceries, or a quick run for take-out? No matter your cargo, the lower frame shape of a step-through frame offers additional stability when balancing a heavier rear load. One of our two cargo-style ebikes, the RadRunner, is designed solely in a step-through frame to help the front rider easily balance its rear passenger or cargo weight.

Step-Through Misperceptions

The term “step-through” seems obvious, but it is a newer label in the biking world. Bikes were traditionally defined as “men” and “women” bikes; a step-through frame design was a “women” or lady’s bike, invented in the 1800s to accommodate a female’s long, pesky skirts. 

Thus launched more than a century of the misperception and stereotype that step-through bikes are only for women. Happily, a frame design is simply that – a design: One that’s lower to the ground, easier to mount, and better for carrying rear loads. Any person can enjoy the advantages of this frame –  simply step through, and ride proudly, Rad friends.

Ride Styles

Our step-through ebikes have the same power and terrain-tackling features as their high-step counterparts and are good for any ride type. Our models offer 275 - 350 lbs of cargo-carrying payload capacities. Rad Power Bikes’ customers often prefer a step-through frame to more easily put a foot down when stopping and starting with heavy loads. It’s also easier to mount a heavily-loaded ebike and keep control of the weight. 

Step-throughs are ideal for city riding or jumping on and off frequently for deliveries. Our City and Commuter-style step-through models are popular for riding to work, running errands, or heading out on the town. With a step-through ebike, you’ll find riding in every type of attire – from casual to, yes, cocktail – is a breeze. What’s more, you arrive great at the office, party, or function, all your gear stowed neatly in bags or baskets.

Transporting Step-Through Ebikes

Taking your step-through ebike on the road? Most Rad Power Bikes’  ebike ste-through models work with one of our Hollywood vehicle racks. A Bike Adapter Bar is required for use with step-through frames. The Sports Rack is designed to carry ebikes on the back of a standard vehicle; the RV Rack (coming soon in Canada) is for use with RV, motorhome, 5th wheel, or flat-towed vehicles. 

Featured Customer Reviews

“Now that I have the step through I much prefer it to the regular sized Rad fat bike that I also own. It is much easier to get on and off with my arthritis issues. The lighter weight I can also lift it to the car rack without assistance.”
Gary E., RadExpand Folding Step-Through

“This bike is for my wife. After close to 40 years off riding a bike she has really enjoyed this bike. She feels very stable and safe with the step through design.”
James B., RadCity 5 Plus Step-Through

“Awesome bike. I am 71 years old now and quit riding a regular bike a few years ago because of my hip and knees. I got a RAD bike hoping that I could go a few more years and It is great. I don't have to strain my knees and hip and am still able to get around. The movement seems really good without the stress. Thank all of you at RAD!!”
Gary B., RadRover 6 Plus Step-Through

“At age of 65 with artificial hips and knees the rad runner plus is what I chose for easy mounting. I needed a bike that would get me up the steep hills that surround my small town.”
Christopher B., RadRunner Plus

“Best bike ever! My wife picked this bike because it is so easy to get on. She is shorter than most bike frames, but the step thru allowed her to get on a bike again and she is over 65 years old. I was glad to see her riding again and having fun. Thanks Rad.”
Jeff H., RadRunner Plus

“Perfect size for a petite woman... Step thru very important feature! LOVE my RadRunner PLUs!!! All the attention to detail, comfort and style are sincerely appreciated!”
Gary P., RadRuner Plus