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Our electric bikes have been named the Best Electric Bikes in 7 categories by EBR, the most of any electric bike company.

Award Winners

RadMission Electric Metro Bike

Winner, Best Affordable Electric Bike of 2020

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RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

Winner, Best Electric Cargo Bike of 2020

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RadRunner Electric Utility Bike

Winner, Best Electric Minibike of 2020

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RadRover Electric Fat Bike

Winner, Best Electric Fat Bike of 2020

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RadMini Step-Thru Electric Folding Fat Bike

Winner, Best Folding Electric Fat Bike of 2020

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RadCity Electric Commuter Bike

Winner, Best Commuting Electric Bike of 2020

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RadCity Step-Thru Electric Commuter Bike

Winner, Best City Electric Bike & Best Affordable Electric Bike of 2020

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RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike

"You may assume the RadMini holds a niche spot in the ebike world; that of a folding electric bike that also has big fat off-road tires. However the RadMini is able to break out of this box and into mainstream appeal by proving itself so useful and safe."

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Why The RadRover E-Bike Is ‘Happiness On Two Wheels’


Even with the world falling apart, even with a mask fogging up my glasses as I rode, even with no clear end in sight to the vice-grip-on-reality that is 2020, my RadRover always makes me feel free. Other bikes might be lighter or even a better workout. But the Rad is my good-time two-wheeler at a time we all need a bit of a boost in our ride.


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Buying and riding my first e-bike


The RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes is the first e-bike I've owned (not to mention the first I've ever ridden)... I'm enjoying every minute of riding the RadRunner, and I made a video to document the whole experience so that you can know what to expect if you're in the market.


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Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 is the affordable everyman’s cargo e-bike we need right now


At just $1,599, the RadWagon is a fully-capable electric cargo bike that costs less than some non-electric cargo bikes. I still don’t understand how Rad Power Bikes can build such good e-bikes for such reasonable prices, but I’m glad they’ve somehow figured out the magic formula.


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Rad Power Bikes RadCity 4 Review


The RadCity 4 is an excellent Class 2 e-bike offered at a very competitive price… This versatile model is well-suited to just about any kind of riding, commuting, errands, trips to the beach, you name it.


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