Rad Power Bikes Named One of 2021's Most Innovative Companies

Rad Power Bikes Named One of 2021's Most Innovative Companies

Need more proof that we're leading the ebike revolution? Rad Power Bikes has just been recognized as one of the most innovative companies of 2021.

In an annual ranking compiled by Fast Company, a leading tech and business magazine, Rad Power Bikes landed the number 2 spot in the transportation category — the highest position for any electric bike company.

“Our movement to create a world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all has always been 100% people-led, and charged by the passion and excitement of each and every rider,” founder and CEO Mike Radenbaugh said. “We have them to thank for this.”

The folks at Fast Company aren’t the only ones to notice the transformative power of our electric bikes. Tuesday’s announcement comes on the heels of a historic $150 million investment in Rad Power Bikes from some of the nation’s top financial powerhouses.

“Innovation is core to who we are and we’re thrilled to see our hard work pay off,” Radenbaugh said. “Moving forward, we will continue to redefine mobility and push the boundaries of what people can expect from an electric bike. This doesn’t just mean new bikes and accessories designed for the inspiring ways our riders get outside. It means groundbreaking digital tools to enhance their ownership experience at every turn, not just this year, but for years to come.”

So what does Rad innovation look like? Here are a few examples from the past year that we’re particularly proud of:

The RadRover Step-Thru 

Recognizing our commitment to making electric bikes that are accessible for all, we kicked off 2020 by releasing the the latest evolution of the RadRover, the flagship ebike that launched Rad Power Bikes in 2015. Just like its predecessor, the RadRover Step-Thru Electric Fat Bike is a go anywhere, do anything bike. It’s also built to fit anyone, thanks to its step-thru frame and a lower center of gravity. Learn More. 

The RadRunner Plus

As Rad Power Bikes’ first limited-release model, the RadRunner Plus Electric Utility Bike was the perfect occasion for our design team to stretch their creative muscles — both in terms of the bike’s distinctive look and its unparalleled performance capabilities. Learn More.

The RadMission

Last June, we unveiled a different kind of electric bike: a single-speed marvel that's just $1,099 -- our most affordable price point to date. The RadMission electric metro bike looks more like a real-deal, traditional, human-powered, "acoustic" bike than anything else in the company's lineup. It has a high-torque 500W motor that makes short work of long stretches of bike lane and daunting hills. It has an innovative ~7 pound battery that's compact, but engineered to still achieve 45-plus miles of range on a single charge. It also weighs roughly 15 pounds less than Rad Power Bikes’ other models, which makes ebikes a possibility for those living in walk-up apartments. Learn More.

The RadWagon 4

The RadWagon 4 is our strongest and most versatile cargo bike yet, featuring smaller, innovative new tires developed by our in-house team of expert engineers to achieve a lower center of gravity. Its patent-pending new frame design ensures multiple points of adjustability, including a telescopic seat post and easily maneuverable handlebars. Learn More.

Rad Accessories

Whether they’re made for fun or function, we have an ever-growing line-up of accessories designed to help the Rad family get the most out of their rides. Cold weather riders can rely on our new Handlebar Mitts, animal lovers can bring their friends along with our Pet Collection, and those looking for added safety can take advantage of our Premium Headlight. See all accessories.

Rad Mobile Service 

Rad Mobile Service has helped thousands of riders since launching in 2019. Sometimes this means delivering a fully-assembled ebike directly to their driveway. Other times it means showing up at their doorstep for some convenient, on-site maintenance, or bringing over a new model for a free test ride. And this year, more members of the Rad family are going to have on-demand access to our team. That’s because we recently expanded to four new communities! Learn More.



Want to learn more about how our in-house team of engineers and designers craft award-winning electric bikes and accessories? Take a peek inside the Rad Lab!


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