Preventive Care for Your Electric Bike | Rad Academy

Preventive Care for Your Electric Bike | Rad Academy

What’s worse than seeing your favorite route covered in grit and grime after a huge storm?

Watching all that gunk splash onto your electric bike!

Performing basic maintenance between professional service intervals is always a smart bet, but when the seasons change and the weather gets nastier, these little acts of TLC start to matter a whole lot more.


In the spirit of keeping you on the trail, we launched Rad Academy, a series of basic electric bike maintenance classes that give riders a chance to hone their skills with our team of resident experts.


If you missed this month's livestream on preventive maintenance, you can still catch Assembly Supervisor David's walkthrough. 






Here are a few of our tips:


  • Remove your battery pack before performing any maintenance on your bike. Once the battery’s off, hold down the power button on your display to make sure you get rid of any stored electricity. This will avoid accidentally activating your bike while servicing it or otherwise interfering with your electrical system. 


  • You don't need much fancy equipment to keep your bike healthy between professional maintenance periods. Just pick up some lubricant, a rag, a chain-wear indicator, and a flathead screwdriver or tweezers for picking out crud and debris.


  • Examine your tires regularly to make sure they're in good condition. This means inspecting them for any shrapnel you may have picked up while riding. If you notice anything that's become embedded, pick it out. Depending on the extent of the object you remove, the tire may still be usable, although if the threads or casing is visible it will need to be replaced.


  • When the tread wears down, it’s harder to keep a grip on the road, especially in wet conditions. If you notice that your tread has deteriorated to the point where you can see through the outer material or catch a glimpse of the casing, it's time to replace your tire.


  • If your electric bike has a front suspension fork, keep the stanchions (AKA: the two tubes on the side) clean. If they’re covered in grit, you’ll risk getting dirt inside the piston when you hit a bump and the fork presses into it. This can ultimately decrease your suspension’s lifespan.


  • Brush up on some older Rad Academy videos to make sure you keep your chain and derailleur properly cleaned and lubricated.


  • Chain wear is normal, and a chain-wear indicator can tell you exactly how your chain is doing. If it shows more than 0.75% wear, it's time to replace your chain to avoid damaging other parts of your bike. 


  • If you have a RadMini electric folding bike, keep the hinges clean. Just spray a little lube in each of the pivot points, close and open them a few times, and then wipe up the excess lube with a rag.   



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