Ebike Gifts for the Adventure Seeker

Ebike Gifts for the Adventure Seeker

It can be difficult shopping for a Rad Rider who’s absolutely obsessed with the outdoors. After all, what can you really give them that can compete with the freedom that comes with using a RadRover or RadMini to get away from it all?

Fortunately, we have a few ideas that are guaranteed to put a grin on the face of any electric bike adventure seeker.

An electric bike battery travel case against an orange background with text overlay that says "In Stock Now"

As the most expensive component on any electric bike, it’s safe to say that our batteries deserve a little TLC. Keep them protected with a Battery Travel Case. It’s a must-have for RV aficionados or anyone looking for a little peace of mind. They fit both our standard and semi-integrated batteries and even come with a mesh pocket to help them keep track of their charger and keys. 

Tannus Tire Armour against an orange backdrop. The text overlay reads "Get it in time"

Give the gift of confidence. Our puncture proof tires are designed to withstand rough terrain, but a Tannus Armour Bundle offers an extra layer of protection against flats. 

A Rad Power Bikes Comfort saddle on an orange background. The text overlay reads "Soft & Supportive" and "Get It In Time"

Adventure-seekers spend a lot of time in the saddle. Why not give them upgraded, VIP seating? Our Comfort Saddle features an extra layer of soft, supportive memory foam padding.

A Front Rack against an orange background. The text overlay reads "In Stock Now."

Rack up some fun! A Front Rack is a versatile accessory to help carry all their outdoor gear — especially when you pair it with our Cargo Straps


Looking for a new bike for your adventure-seeker? The RadRover 6 Plus is available now and we just dropped the price on the classic RadRover 5! Interested in seeing more gifts ideas? Check out our full collection.

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