Rad people doing rad things.

Are you a content creator that wants to use our ebikes to make something awesome? Are you a part of an organization looking to auction off one of our ebikes for a good cause? Is your company looking to do some co-branded marketing campaigns? Are you something else entirely?

We love working with YouTube channels, bloggers, companies, non-profits, and everything in-between. If you're interested in working with us, we're interested in hearing from you!


Due to the number of applications we receive, we're unfortunately unable to respond to them all. But our team reviews every single application we receive, so don't be shy.

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Featured Partnerships

Mastodon, one of the biggest names in heavy metal music, added a new element to their touring gear: RadMinis.

Watch our video where we hang out backstage with the band and talk about why the RadMini has changed the way they tour.
Not Without Salt
Ashley Rodriguez, the culinary mastermind behind the food blog Not Without Salt as well as her cookbooks "Let's Stay In" and "Date Night In" fell in love with her RadWagon as it allowed her to spend more quality time with her family.

Watch our video as we follow Ashley and her family during a lovely weekend outing.
Stacey Cook
Four-time Olympian Stacey Cook has been an avid Rad Rider for several years now as she finds ebikes equal parts fun and utility.

Watch our video as we spend a weekend with Stacey and her friends (who are fellow Rad Riders) in Mammoth Lakes, California.
Eel River Cleanup Project, an organization focused on the cleanup and revitalization of the Eel River in Humboldt County, California (where Rad was founded), put one of our ebikes into their annual auction to help raise money to support their great cause.
Earth Xploration
Earth Xploration, a digital media company based in Nevada, fell in love with the RadMini as soon as they saw it.

Its unique style and capabilities inspired them to create a truly unique video that may or may not feature a space suit (mostly "may").
Demolition Ranch
Demolition Ranch, the incredibly popular firearms YouTube channel, reviewed the RadRover and used it for a few awesome lifestyle videos.

Watch their video where they use their RadRover in a long-range sniper shooting contest.

We ❤ cool content.

Content Partnerships are really fun for us because, honestly, who doesn't love stellar content? Content Partnerships generally consist of creating video or images about our ebikes that you send to us to use, that you can share with your existing audience, or both.

Some of our favorite partnerships have been Content Partnerships. We give creators freedom to make content that comes naturally to them and fits with the style that helped them grow their audience to what it is today. There are some guidelines, of course, but ultimately we want our creators to be their beautiful selves.

We ❤ cool organizations.

We love getting involved with organizations that align with our company mission, and Donation Partnerships allow us to do just that. While the exact structure of a Donation Partnership can vary a bit, typically they involve us providing an ebike for you to showcase for an auction, give away as a prize, or donate to someone in need.

As our main company mission revolves around sustainable and alternative forms of transportation, we are currently focused on only working with organizations whose primary mission is related to sustainability.

We ❤ cool people in general.

If you do something awesome that doesn't quite fit into one of the other two partnership categories, feel free to apply for a General Partnership. There isn't much rhyme or reason to the applications that fit into this category, so just let your rad-ness speak for itself.