Gifts for Ebike Newbies

New to the world of ebikes? Pick the perfect match for your lifestyle.

Runner 3 Plus accessorized with tools in the basket and a DIY birdhouse

Gifts for Haul-It-All Heroes

Another weekend, another trip to the hardware store.

RadExpand with a gingerbread man on the back in a basket, and gingerbread houses in the front basket

Gifts for Tight Space Trailblazers

Your apartment's not cramped. It's cozy.

Rover 6 Plus with fishing rod, tent, and a pile of firewood on the back

Gifts for Wilderness Warriors

For those who bike and hike.

Gifts for Any Weather Rides

Traveling for the holidays? Don't forget to bring a Rad ebike.

Rover 6 Plus with skis mountaed on the back, ski boots in a basket in the front, handlebar mitts

Gifts for Winter Wanderers

Prep your ebike to hit the slopes. Have an ice trip!

Trike with pina colada and flip flops in the baskets, and a sunhat on the seat

Gifts for Sun Seekers

Gear up to cool down.

RadRunner 2 in blue with picnic supplies in its baskets and a picnic blanket on the ground

Gifts for Mild Weather Mavericks

"Who needs seasons?" - every Californian rider.

Gifts for Holiday Survival

Always have an exit strategy.

Gifts for Ghosting Gatherings

"I'm just stepping out ... for milk."

Gifts for Introverted Icons

Conversation starters for people who dislike conversation.

Runner Plus with holiday cookies in the front, and a christmas tree in the basket in the back.

Gifts for Office Party Outlaws

Show up. Grab a cupcake. Be home by 8pm.

Gifts to Stress Less

The holidays can be stressful ... but ebikes can help you unwind.

Runner 2 with yoga mat and other yoga-related paraphernalia in the baskets

Gifts for Wellness Winners

Recharge. Self-care isn't selfish.

Runner 2 blue with christmas tree on the back, present in the front

Gifts for Visibility Visionaries

See and be seen.

Gifts for Security Superstars

"Please step away from the ebike."

Gifts for Rad Families

The holidays are about togetherness ... no matter what your family looks like.

Gifts for Minivan Megastars

"Wait, is Wednesday soccer practice or music lessons?

Runner 2 with center console, gingerbread child in the thule yepp seat, and lunchbox and water bottle in the front mount basket

Gifts for Power Parents

Warning: May make other parents jealous.

RadExpand with pet carrier in the back basket, and a pup in the pet liner/carrier in the front basket

Gifts for Pawrents

Because they're a good dog. Yes they are.