The Rad 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Have you ever given the perfect gift? There’s nothing quite like seeing a face light up when you get it exactly right. It’s a special kind of sensation that we can’t help but chase every holiday season.


A Rad gift gives you that feeling on the big day, but it also lets you relive it year-round. Every time you see your friend or loved one come back from a ride with a smile on their face, you’ll be reminded of that time you won the holidays.


And trust us, with the majority of our riders taking their electric bikes out several days a week, this is a gift that’ll never collect dust!


(Pssst! Are you low-key scoping out a gift for yourself? Don’t worry, we won’t judge. An ebike's a great way to treat yourself.)

Take Advantage of our limited-time deals on Bike and Accessory Bundles


Our biggest sale of the year is here! We have deals for new and seasoned riders while supplies last.


Save up to $300 CAD instantly when you purchase an accessorized electric bike bundle. Already have a Rad rider in your life? You can save 25% on accessory bundles to help them supe up their ride.

Do you know someone who can’t get enough of the great outdoors? There’s a good chance they already have every piece of gear you can imagine -- every piece, that is, except for an off-road electric bike.


With rugged fat tires, impressive payload capacities, and a sturdy design meant for all-season rides, these ebikes are the perfect addition to any camping, hunting, or fishing trip.


Suggested Accessories:

Make sure your friend stays hydrated! Grab a Rad Power Bikes Water Bottle.

With a Front Rack and Large Basket, they'll be able to gear up for just about any adventure.

There’s no denying that being on a bike is awesome. Getting on a bike, however, can sometimes be a little rough.


These accessible electric bikes make it easier for riders of all ages to get on and get going. Like all our models, they come with varying degrees of pedal assist and an easy-to-use twist grip throttle*, which means the rider in your life will have the confidence they need to keep up with the entire family -- and maybe even leave them in the dust!


Suggested Accessories:

For an electric bike like this, a high quality lock is a sound investment.

Hey, it never hurts to add a little extra security! Try a wheel lock for extra peace of mind.

Yes, electric bikes take you from point A to point B without breaking a sweat, but there’s so much more. These models will help your loved one get around town while packing a whole ton of fun into every trip.


Featuring adjustable seats and handlebars, this is a great way for riders to explore in comfort.


Suggested Accessories:

Let them leave the backpack at home. Go for a Fremont Pannier or Ballard Cargo Bag.

A Rad Mirror can help them stay one step ahead!

Got someone on your shopping list with a love of the open road? They’ll want to add a dose of Radness to their trips.


Our electric folding bikes are the perfect fit for the interior of an RV, the back of a truckbed, or even a trunk!


Suggested Accessories:

Sometimes when you explore, GPS can be your best friend. Keep the directions where you can see them with a GUB PRO-3 Phone Mount.

You know those types who are always on the go? The ones whose mantra is “get it done?” Well, this is the gift they’ve been waiting for.


It’s cooler than an SUV, takes up less space in a garage than a pick-up truck, but still has the uncanny ability to haul it all, whether that’s their kids, gardening supplies, hardware, groceries … (trust us, with a high-level cargo capacity, this list goes on and on.)


Suggested Accessories:

Will they be bringing the kids along? The Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat is a great way to transport children from 9 months to 6 years old.

For any evening trips, Reflective Safety Stickers are a must-have.

No matter what bike you go with, there are a few things you can rely on.


For starters, you'll have a powerful motor coupled with a battery that can help you get up to 45+ miles on a single charge. You’ll enjoy varying degrees of pedal assist and a twist grip throttle* when you just want the bike to do the work for you.


But the biggest thing you can expect from every one of our models? Miles and miles of unrivaled, year-round fun! You really can’t go wrong.


Suggested Accessories:

Stylize their ride with colored pedals and grips!

Do they have furry, four-legged friends who want to ride with them? Check out our pet accessories!

Still not sure which bike you’d like to give? Waited too long to get a jump on your holiday shopping?


Don’t worry. Our digital gift cards have you covered. You can put up to $3,000 on a single-card and deliver your Rad gift right to their inbox.