RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

We are firm believers that ebikes are the future of transportation, so we knew we had to build a bike that could realistically and affordably replace a car. The RadWagon was built for this purpose with its 350 lbs payload capacity, long-tail aluminum frame, lower standover height, and comfort cruiser swept-back handlebars. The RadWagon rides like a regular bike, but can handle trips from the grocery store, extra passengers, heavy cargo, and more.

The best part is the size. The RadWagon is the Goldilocks of electric cargo bikes - it’s not too big, not too small, and the price is just right

Leave the car in the garage and get biking!

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“I got the RadWagon as a Mother's Day gift. It is the most amazing present I could have ever received. The family and I go everywhere on it - school, summer camp farmer’s markets, grocery stores, parks, friend’s houses, etc. The opportunities are endless! I am losing weight and teaching my kids about an active lifestyle thanks to this company.” - Jamie Trotty

“Ditching four wheels for a bicycle can be a challenge. What do you do in inclement weather? What about hauling groceries? And what about date night? The RadWagon checks off all these boxes and does it on the cheap. It is the ebike that might replace your car.” - Men’s Journal

“I'm in love with my RadWagon!! It's my new commuter, kid-hauler, and grocery-getter!” - Jen Leo

“Just got our new RadWagon. This is the exact bike I was looking for so I can carry my wife on the back and still get assistance up the steep hills. The ebike works perfectly and I can easily do 30 miles on hilly terrain and with a 300 lb. load.” - Richard Carter

“The RadWagon is hands-down the best purchase I've ever made! I can get most places faster on my RadWagon than I can in my car, and because the bike is equipped to carry so much, I can run all my errands with ease.” - Jeanne Higgins


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