RadRover Electric Fat Bike

RadRover Electric Fat Bike

There is a special place in our hearts for the RadRover. After doing custom conversions for years, we saw that people from all backgrounds were in need of a reliable, all-purpose, affordable ebike, so we went to work on building our own. In 2015, we debuted the RadRover and officially launched Rad Power Bikes as a direct-to-consumer ebike manufacturer.  It’s the ebike that started it all.


Now in its third iteration, the 2018 RadRover still turns heads. It’s the ultimate all-terrain electric bike with 4” wide fat tires, powerful 750W gear hub motor, and a rugged front suspension fork that makes conquering sand, snow, city streets, and hills a breeze.


Don’t just take it from us. RadRover riders love it:


“After riding over 1,000 miles on streets, trails, single tracks, hills, and snow, I can say that, without a doubt, this is the best bike purchase I’ve ever made!!” -- Lucas Miller


“The SUV of ebikes with a nice sporty spacious feel to it. Mostly the RadRover ebike is so easygoing that you’d almost point it in a direction and it gets you there. It’s such an accommodating bike.” - CleanTechnica


“We are just so impressed with the performance and easy ride-ability. You won’t regret investing in [a RadRover]; shipping is free and customer service is fantastic.” - Robin Fritz


“Let me just say the RadRover is no joke. Makes my commute to work so much fun.” - Brian Brennan


“After miles of testing the RadRover, it has proven to be a powerful, versatile, and fun all-terrain ebike.” - Electric Bike Report



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