RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike

RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike

We built the RadMini because nothing like it existed at the time. You couldn’t find a fat tire bike with the ability to haul cargo and fold. So, we combined proven features of the RadRover (all-terrain) with the RadWagon (cargo capacity) and folded into one ebike, literally.

The RadMini has the ability to take on many tasks you would not expect from a folding bike. The 4" wide fat tires make for an incredibly smooth ride on gravel trails and paved roads alike, and the 750W geared hub motor packs a punch just like a full sized electric bike. With front and rear accessories, the RadMini can convert into one of the most unique cargo bikes you’ll ever see.

When space is limited but you need a workhorse, the RadMini is your go-to choice!


Rave RadMini Reviews


“I love my RadMini. It’s a quality product that makes moving through the city pure joy. I was sold the moment my foot hit the pedal. Yee Haw!” - Aresnio Navarro

“Having the ability to explore wherever you want at any time you choose is a wonderful freedom. In an attempt to capture this sense of adventure, Rad Power Bikes developed the RadMini, an electric folding fat tire bike.” - HiConsumption


“The RadMini exceeded my expectations. It’s not so mini! Great value and a beautiful beast.” - Bryan Kabahar

“I love my RadMini. It fits in the trunk of my car and is dependable.” - Robert Strausas

“For anyone with a smaller than average living/working/storage arrangement, the RadMini folds up small for storage. For your rough road adventures, the four inch wide tires and 750W geared hub motor will power you across just about any terrain. As for hauling cargo, the rear rack holds 40 pounds. There are no excuses for not owning an electric bike.” - Gear Moose



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