RadCity & RadCity Step-Thru Electric Commuter Bikes

RadCity & RadCity Step-Thru Electric Commuter Bikes

Why did you ever stop riding a bike? There could be a variety of reasons - hills, access, injuries, you name it. We want people from all backgrounds to regain the fun and freedom of riding, so we built the RadCity. It looks like a standard bicycle, but feels like a jet.

The powerful motor operates through pedal-assist and throttle (both standard features across all of our ebike models) to give you as much or as little power as you want to get up hills with ease and go farther than ever before.

There are three versions of the RadCity. The two RadCity sizes (16” and 19”) provide riders with a frame that fits them best. The RadCity Step-Thru features a low-step frame design and swept-back handlebars making it even easier to get on and off (no more swinging your leg over a high bar!).

Never again arrive to work, a meeting, a date, or anywhere covered in sweat and red in the face. The RadCity keeps you riding as smooth and stylish as the bike itself.

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“RadCity is a great ebike to take on longer trips but easy enough to take just down the street.” - 9to5 Toys

“I gave up on riding bicycles about 22 years ago when I moved to a very hilly area and it seemed that I couldn't get anywhere without turning into a ball of sweat with burning legs. The RadCity was just perfect for me. I took the plunge this summer and couldn't be happier.” - Tom Huff

“While RV'ing in Idaho, Arizona, California and Oregon this summer, we had a blast riding our RadCity bicycles and couldn't help but laugh out loud as we cruised around the parks and town.” - Jan Harris Fritsch

“I bought my wife a RadCity Step-Thru and a RadCity for myself...This was definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made. Just for comparison, I spent more on my iPhone and feel I got a lot less for my money.” - George Patten




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