Rad Power Bikes Co-Founders Named to Forbes 30 Under 30

Rad Power Bikes Co-Founders Named to Forbes 30 Under 30


We are extremely excited to announce that today Forbes has named the three cofounders of Rad Power Bikes (Mike Radenbaugh, Ty Collins, and Marimar White-Espin) winners of the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 award in Manufacturing & Industry for 2017! Some of the other winners for this award include engineers from Tesla, robotics programmers, and visionaries in safety and health care, so it's both an honor and humbling knowing that three friends building electric bikes has grown to be one of the most influential ebike companies around.


We want to thank the judges for voting for us, but we most importantly want to thank our community of bike owners for giving us the drive to continually push the world of ebikes forward and provide the best product and buying experience that we can. Nothing we do is for ourselves. While we love what we do and we can’t believe we get to wake up everyday and indulge in our passion, you beautiful people are the reason behind everything we do. Without the support, feedback, and love from you, we wouldn’t exist.


The foolish thing to do after winning this award is to take it as a trophy for crossing the finish line. This is not an end-goal for us. This is not where we call it quits. This is not where we say, "We did it!" This is just a little reassurance that we are doing something right, that what we are building has the potential to be something great. We believe in electric bikes and we want to use this momentum we have to push into this new year stronger and more determined than ever.


... but would it be ok if we celebrated just a bit? We’ll quietly do a jig at our desks then get right back to work, we promise! "Celebrate good times, COME ON!"




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