Find the Fun

Find the Fun


New Year’s Eve has always been a bitter-sweet celebration for us. Reminiscing on the memories we made over the past year (good and bad) seem to instantly wash away as the clock strikes midnight, leaving us with a convoluted concoction of wistfulness and hope. “A new year, a new you!” we collectively say as we watch the ball drop from the comfort of our homes, holding close the ones we admire most. And then, from the corner of your eye, you see the dusty home gym you purchased the January before, untouched since April. It makes a great coat rack though, don’tcha think?

You swore you would stick it out this year. Get fit. Lose some weight. Feel like you did in high school. So what happened? You started out so strong, even purchasing clothes a size too small as an incentive to keep your new routine going. But then your new fitness regimen became just that, routine. The honeymoon phase ended, the “new car smell” subsided, and your fancy new machine became just another part of your day. The results were there! You were losing weight and you’re pretty sure you saw an ab starting to form, but you lost more than a few pounds during this time. You lost the fun. Maybe you were looking in the wrong place, or maybe you were trying to trick yourself into feeling fun. But fun is a stubborn mule; you either feel it or you don’t.

Fun! It’s such a simple concept, yet it seems almost impossible to hold onto. Fun is the driving force behind so many activities, and people who have found their fun will do anything to keep it around. Rad Power Bikes is a company that was founded because of necessity, but it stayed around because the people behind the company and the community we have built over the years found their fun by riding our bikes. They turned their horrible commute to work into an exciting daily adventure. They ventured into new areas and explored their surroundings in a way they’ve never done before. They overcame physical limitations and went places they couldn’t have before they got on a Rad bike!

Remember when you were a kid and you could go to the park and have the best day of your life? Don’t you miss that feeling? There’s a phrase we’ve used when we describe our bikes to people, “The bike that makes you feel like a kid again.” This isn’t some phrase we paid a marketing team to come up with. This is a phrase we kept hearing over and over again when people were out test riding our bikes. Kids are fun experts. They can find fun anywhere, but somewhere along the way we seem to forget that fun still exists or maybe we talked ourselves out of thinking we have time for fun.

For your 2017 New Year’s Resolution, we are urging everyone to go out there and find their fun! Learn to draw, play some tennis, ride a bike! It’s up to you! Fun is different for everyone, so don’t be afraid to be a little selfish and do something just for you. Happy 2017 and thank you to everyone who has helped make 2016 such a memorable year in the RPB history books! Have fun. Be safe. Stay Rad.


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