Electric Bike Revolution: RadMini to RadExpand

Folding mechanism on Rad Power Bikes folding bikes.

Since Rad Power Bikes introduced a folding electric bike in 2016, ebiking has evolved from a niche industry to a main player in outdoor recreation. Now, in 2022, Rad Power Bikes is a community of 400,000+ riders, all getting outside on various models of electric bikes. Many of that community are riding Rad on one of our folding bikes.

How has our folding ebike evolved over the years? We take a look to see all the ways Rad continues to engineer user-friendly, affordable folding ebikes.

The Original

2018 RadMini ebikeOur 2016 RadMini burst onto the scene with an ebike that could fold in for storage and out for play. It made it easier to get up and go with a throttle, and up to 20 mph of motor-assisted speed that took one up to 40 miles of assisted distance. Riders couldn’t believe how compact a powerful ebike could get. 

RadMini Evolves

In 2018, we introduced our second version of the RadMini. The ebike came rolling onto the scene with a suspension fork with lockout, improved front-rack design, and a newer, sturdier frame. It was already making waves as the space-saving ebike that held up to 275 pounds, and its low price point with improved features brought additional value.

Good Things Come in Threes

2018 RadMini ebikeRadMini 3 shined a light on innovation: Rad engineers incorporated front-and-rear lights that powered on with the new model. It also offered knobbier tires that included sidewall striping, technical innovations that made for a smoother ride and easier hauling, and a new estimated mileage range of 45 miles or more. 

To top if all off, the RadMini Step-Thru frame was introduced, offering the folding technology in a low-step model.

Four Means More

RadMini 2020 ebike2020 was a big year for a lot of reasons, including the fourth iteration of the RadMini, the RadMini 4. The previous models’ integrated headlight was upgraded to LED focused beam technology, new tires were incorporated, and an additional fine-tuning of details included an upgraded throttle. Its sibling -- the RadMini Step-Thru 2 -- was rolled out with the same technology but low-step frame.

Thus, RadMini line went out on a high note, as Rad Power Bikes has renamed its folding bike line to the RadExpand.

Meet the RadExpand 5

Man stands in front of RV with new RadExpand 5.A folding bike so innovative that it needs a new name - the fifth generation of Rad Power Bikes’ folding ebikes is now the RadExpand 5. This new model is nearly five pounds lighter than the RadMini 4, has an upgraded frame that improves handling, wider tires for a variety of terrain, and a high-quality rear rack. And as if that wasn’t enough, the RadExpand 5 comes in at a staggeringly lower price than the RadMini 4. Value, quality, and a massive bang for your buck? Get to know the all-new RadExpand 5.


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