Expanding the Rad Collection: Get to Know the RadExpand 5

Man stands in front of airstream trailer with folding ebike.

Our Rad family just got bigger: Meet the RadExpand 5, the fifth generation of our electric folding bike. There’s so much behind the innovation and development – we can’t wait to introduce it to you.

Expanding on the RadMini

Why did we add a new folding bike to our roster? The RadMini Step-Thru 2 is a fan-favorite that's garnered rave reviews and awards. But we always want to do more. We listened to feedback from many of the 400,000-plus riders in our Rad community, and created a new folding design that met those needs and wants -- all at a lower price point.

This ebike is lighter, has bigger all-terrain tires, handles better, and comes with a heavy-duty rear rack. It's only fitting to give a bike this innovative an all-new name: the RadExpand. It's a bike designed to expand your adventures, your possibilities, and your everyday travels.

Man smiles with folding ebike. Expand Your Adventures

The folding ebike is a natural go-getter: It can fold in for storage in the trunk of a car, the back of an RV, and even in the hold of a boat! It folds out to explore new cities, campgrounds, ports of call, and of course, your neighborhood. Our current folding ebike does that as well -- so how does this new model make more adventures happen?

“It’s a lot of little things,” says Rad Power Bikes Chief Product Officer Redwood Stephens, “that add up to a big difference.”

The RadExpand has wider tires -- four inches wide, for more stability over varied terrain. It offers improved ergonomics for a wider range of riders, courtesy of adjustable high-rise handlebars that can be moved in or back to fit you best. And the heavy-duty rear rack lets you load it up with cargo. Those trips to the store or off the beaten path are that much easier.

Man with folding bike on a beach.

Expand Your Possibilities

Can you fit the RadExpand? Chances are, yes. We designed it with a step-thru frame, allowing for riders from 4’10" and to 5’10”. Riders over 5’10” -– we didn’t forget about you! You’ll simply need to acquire a different seat post for full leg extension to comfortably cruise around.

The step-thru design is ideal for riders with limited mobility, and it makes it easier to both get on and off the bike and balance loads on the rear rack.

Then there’s folding and carrying your ebike – we improved that as well, lightening the overall bike weight by nearly five pounds; switching the motor cable to the opposite side for tighter routing (equaling easier maintenance!); and introducing an ergonomic saddle with a built-in handle for easier moving and comfier riding.

Man picks up ebike with ease.

Expand Your Everyday

If you're looking to hit the road everyday, the RadExpand is an unbeatable deal.

“The value for what you get is off the charts," Redwood told us. "You have a 500-watt powertrain coupled with a 672 watt-hour battery that takes you up to 45+ miles per charge, and Rad-engineered details you expect.”

Those special details are found in waterproof connectors; a headlight and taillight that powers on with the bike; puncture-resistant tires; seven speeds; and a 6061-alloy frame engineered in-house, ensuring you'll be charging up hills and zipping across intersections mile after mile.

Best of all, they're all in a folding ebike priced for all (psst -- remember, we offer financing through PayBright, too).

Zoomed-in photo of a folding ebike.

Shop the RadExpand

Ready to expand your world? Shop our new folding ebike, in-stock now and available in black and white. Want to see it in person? Test ride it for free at one of our Rad Retail showrooms, or, have us come to you with our Rad Mobile Service team, offering test rides, white-glove assembly, and free 30-day safety check!

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