RadExpand 5

Electric Folding Bike

(4.6) 366 Reviews
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The RadExpand 5 is the fifth generation of Rad’s folding ebikes. We refined our “best folding electric bike” award-winner into the RadExpand, weighing in nearly five pounds lighter and featuring fatter tires, adjustable handlebars for a custom fit, and an included rear rack - all at a more affordable price! Fold-out out to explore, and fold in to store in your vehicle, RV, apartment, or boat: adventures are yours for the taking.

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Requires some technical skill, we recommend our ebike assembly service so you’re ready-to-ride


Have Your Bike Built By a Professional.

To meet the needs of our busy riders, we offer on-demand ebike assembly, pickup and delivery. Rad electric bikes come mostly assembled in the box, however some ebike models are more difficult to assemble than others. The "Assembly Difficulty" indicator above can give you an idea of how difficult this bike is to assemble.

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    Customize Your Ride

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    Medium Front-Mounted BasketMedium Front-Mounted Basket
    Medium Front-Mounted Basket
    (4.4) 664 Reviews
    $109 CAD
    Save $15 CAD
    Rad MirrorRad Mirror
    Rad Mirror
    (4.4) 691 Reviews
    $34 CAD $49 CAD
    GUB PRO-3 Phone MountGUB PRO-3 Phone Mount
    GUB PRO-3 Phone Mount
    (4.3) 127 Reviews
    $27 CAD
    Enhanced Comfort SaddleEnhanced Comfort Saddle springs
    Enhanced Comfort Saddle
    (4.3) 191 Reviews
    $99 CAD
    Save $33 CAD
    Side view of the ABUS Hyban 2.0 helmet in gray, with an orange strapBack view of the ABUS Hyban 2.0 helmet with light, showing the gray helmet with an orange strap
    ABUS Hyban Helmet 2.0
    (4.5) 196 Reviews
    $77 CAD $110 CAD
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    Hollywood Racks Sport Rider RackHollywood Racks Sport Rider Rack
    Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Rack
    (4.7) 58 Reviews
    $750 CAD
    Save $39 CAD
    LCD Display UpgradeLCD Display Upgrade
    LCD Display Upgrade
    (4.5) 192 Reviews
    $90 CAD $129 CAD
    Choose Options
    Large BasketLarge Basket
    Large Basket
    (4.4) 84 Reviews
    $119 CAD
    Small BasketSmall Basket
    Small Basket
    (4.6) 51 Reviews
    $89 CAD
    Save $30 CAD
    Rad Front Rack | BlackRad Front Rack | Black on bike
    Front Rack
    (4.5) 250 Reviews
    $69 CAD $99 CAD
    Choose Options
    ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Folding LockABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Folding Lock
    ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Folding Lock
    (4.3) 107 Reviews
    From $229 CAD
    Choose Options
    Save $30 CAD
    SR Suntour SP12 NCX SeatpostSR Suntour SP12 NCX Seatpost
    SR Suntour SP12 NCX Seatpost
    (4.7) 106 Reviews
    $119.95 CAD $149.95 CAD
    Save $24 CAD
    Large Basket BagLarge Basket Bag
    Large Basket Bag
    (4.0) 54 Reviews
    $55 CAD $79 CAD
    Save $18 CAD
    Small Basket BagSmall Basket Bag
    Small Basket Bag
    (4.4) 80 Reviews
    $41 CAD $59 CAD
    Comfort SaddleComfort Saddle
    Comfort Saddle
    (4.4) 53 Reviews
    $79 CAD
    Battery Case OpenBattery Case Closed
    Battery Travel Case
    (4.7) 134 Reviews
    $59 CAD
    Water Bottle HolderWater Bottle Holder
    Water Bottle Holder
    (4.0) 64 Reviews
    $25 CAD
    Save $7 CAD
    Cargo Straps for E-bikeCargo Straps for E-bike
    Cargo Straps
    (4.6) 122 Reviews
    $18 CAD $25 CAD
    Large PlatformLarge Platform
    Large Platform
    $59 CAD
    Bike tire with part cut away to show a Tannus liner and tubePerson installing a Tannus liner
    Tannus Armour Bundle
    (4.2) 57 Reviews
    From $138 CAD
    Choose Options
    Save $6 CAD
    Reflective Safety StickerReflective Safety Sticker
    Reflective Safety Sticker
    $13 CAD $19 CAD
    Save $30 CAD
    Small Rolltop Basket Liner BagSmall Rolltop Basket Liner Bag
    Small Basket Roll Top Liner
    (4.5) 26 Reviews
    $69 CAD $99 CAD
    Save $64.50 CAD
    Large Rolltop Basket Liner BagLarge Rolltop Basket Liner Bag
    Large Basket Roll Top Liner
    (4.6) 35 Reviews
    $64.50 CAD $129 CAD
    Save $7 CAD
    Cargo Net for E-bikeCargo Net for E-bike
    Cargo Net
    (3.9) 49 Reviews
    $18 CAD $25 CAD
    Save $12 CAD
    Saddle BagSaddle Bag
    Saddle Bag
    (3.5) 55 Reviews
    $27 CAD $39 CAD
    Roadside Repair Tool KitRoadside Repair Tool Kit
    Roadside Repair Tool Kit
    (4.1) 26 Reviews
    $69 CAD
    Save $10 CAD
    Water BottleWater Bottle
    Water Bottle
    $10 CAD $20 CAD
    Save $9 CAD
    Rad Colored GripsRad Colored Grips
    Rad Colored Grips
    (4.0) 65 Reviews
    $20 CAD $29 CAD
    Choose Options
    Close up image of gripsClose up image of grips and plugs
    Rad Comfort Grips
    $29 CAD
    Fremont Pannier BagFremont Pannier Bag
    Fremont Pannier Bag
    (3.8) 99 Reviews
    $109 CAD
    Save $12 CAD
    Handlebar BagHandlebar Bag
    Handlebar Bag
    (4.3) 57 Reviews
    $27 CAD $39 CAD
    Rad Tail LightRad Tail Light
    Rad Taillight
    (4.2) 24 Reviews
    $30 CAD
    Side angle view of the Hollywood Racks RV Rider RackSide view of the Hollywood Racks RV Rider Rack
    Hollywood Racks RV Rider Rack
    $780 CAD
    RadExpand Rear Rack
    RadExpand Rear Rack
    $109 CAD
    Large Front-Mounted basket mounted on an electric bikeRad Large Basket with black metal grid sides and a wood-paneled base
    Large Front-Mounted Basket
    $139 CAD
    Rad fat tire wheel lock, which mounts to select ebike framesRad fat tire wheel lock with the lock mechanism engaged
    Rad Fat Tire Wheel Lock
    $89 CAD
    Long Security Chain which is a length of steel links covered by a nylon sheathShort Security Chain which is a length of steel links covered by a nylon sheath
    Rad Wheel Lock Security Chain
    From $65 CAD
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    Technical Specifications

    What Makes the RadExpand 5 Best in Class?

    Customize Your Ride

    Adjustable riser bar allows you to personalize your fit, with handlebars that move in and out for comfort.

    Go Anywhere

    We added nearly an inch of tire width, allowing your ebike to take on paths and pavement.

    Lift Effortlessly

    Store, lift, and fold your bike with ease, enjoying the nearly five-pounds in weight reduction compared to its predecessor.

    Steer Better

    The revised frame geometry delivers better all-around handling.

    Carry Loads

    You can take it with you, with the bike’s included rear rack and 275-lb payload capacity, allowing for easy hauling.

    See and Be Seen

    LED headlight and taillight automatically turn on when you power on your bike, adding safety and visibility.

    RadExpand 5 Electric Folding Bike Technical Specifications

    Storage Made Easy

    Fold In to Store. Fold Out to Explore.
    RadExpand 5 electric folding bike
    I love the fact that this is such an approachable and affordable bike.

    What Makes It Special

    • 500W

      Geared Hub Motor

    • Up to 72+

      Kilometers Per Charge

    • 672 Wh

      Lithium-Ion Battery

    • 275lb

      Payload Capacity

    Technical Overview

    Take an In-Depth Look at our Tech and Specs

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