Your Commute Needs a RadRover. Here's Why.

A RadRover 6 Plus in an idyllic bike lane alongside yellow flowers. The sun sets in the distance..
If you take one look at a RadRover 6 Plus’ fat tires, you can tell that it’s a tough, off-road ebike.

But what you might not realize is that when we say it’s all-terrain, that doesn’t just mean bumpy mountain trails. Like all of our models, it was designed to be a versatile, multi-purpose ebike.

That means our fat-tire flagship works just as well in the bike lane as it does on dirt roads. And it’s why the RadRover 6 Plus has become a go-to commuter ebike for so many of our riders.

Here are five reasons they love taking this beast of a bike to the office.


1. Start work at 9. Adventure after 5. 

A man and woman walk their RadRovers across the street in a small town.
"I commute a short distance but after work, I can take a ride before going home ... It allows you to get to your destination without getting too tired or hot or sweaty, even if you're not dressed right for a regular cycling adventure." - Neal A.


2. Grab groceries on the ride home. 

A man sits on a park bench in a small town alongside a RadRover 6 plus. He smiles as he examines it.
"My Rover is used for commuting and grocery runs because of the large basket and rear rack storage options." - Dorothy L

3. Fat tires. Smooth rides. 

A man and woman eat tacos alongside a taco truck. A RadRover is in the foreground, its fat tires featured prominently.

"I live in NYC and switching my daily commuting from driving to biking was one of the best decisions I've made ... the fat tires make riding smooth. They're able to go through water, dirty paths, or grass. I am planning to keep biking to work through the winter." - Joao A. 


4. Built for town, country, and everything in-between.

A man rides his RadRover on a rural stretch of road on a sunny day.

"I live in a mountain town. I’m using my RadRover 6 Plus for commuting to work. It’s life changing. I absolutely love being able to get out and enjoy the view. If you are thinking of an electric bike, Rad will not disappoint." - Tara V.


5. Work out before you clock in.

A RadRover 6 Plus in an idyllic bike lane alongside yellow flowers. The sun sets in the distance..

"If I want more of a workout, I turn down the power. If I want to get to where I’m going quickly and without sweating, I turn up the power. It’s such a game changer bike/mini truck/freedom machine — and worth every penny." - Craig A.



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*Reviews are from real customers but have been edited for breadth and clarity. Photos depict actors.



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