Back to Campus With a Mission

A woman rides a hybrid electric bike down a bike trail next to a stairwell.

College can be a hectic time. Between cramming for tests, navigating student loans, and balancing a busy social life, the last thing any student should have to worry about is how they’ll get to-and-from class. 

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to an ebike that makes getting around campus the best part of your day: the RadMission electric hybrid bike.

And just in time for back to school season, we’ve lowered the price to just $1,199.

(Fun fact: That’s way less than the average U.S. college student pays each year on textbooks!)

But besides the student-friendly price, there are plenty of other reasons this ebike is a back-to-school essential for Rad Academics:

Cruise campus. And beyond.

A student works at a park bench alongside a blue electric hybrid bike.

It’s easy to get from the library to the dining hall when you have a 500W motor and five levels of pedal assist, but the RadMission can do a lot more than just save you time. 

With up to 72+ km of range, it makes off-campus living more convenient than ever. You can head to class on weekdays, grab pizza downtown on weeknights, and then explore local bike trails on the weekend.

And since it’s the lightest weight ebike in our lineup, it’s also well-suited for dorm life. Don’t worry if your new living situation doesn’t have an elevator. The RadMission was designed with walk-up apartments in mind.

Start for less than the price of 27 cups of noodles. 


A young man sits atop a grey hybrid electric bike in a city square with brick paving. He looks down fondly at his bike.

$1,199 is an impressive price, but you still have the option to get your RadMission for way less up-front.

With flexible financing options through Affirm, you can start riding for as little as $34 a month.

We did the math and that comes out to about 27 cups of noodles – and probably way less than a month’s worth of gas or on-campus parking fees. 


World-changing transportation.

A woman rides a blue hybrid electric bike down a trail. Orange flowers are in the foreground.

You’re probably going to college with the goal of making the world a better place. With an ebike, your contribution to the planet won’t have to wait until graduation day.

With every car replacement mile, an ebike saves roughly 400 grams of CO2.

That quickly adds up.

If you were to start riding instead of driving freshman year, you’d offset the carbon equivalent of burning 2,868 pounds of coal, driving 6,434 miles, and charging your phone 315,298 times — all by the time you receive your diploma.


Less stress, better health.

A woman relaxes on a park bench in a park alongside her blue electric hybrid bike.

Nearly half of U.S. college students say that they feel moderate to severe amounts of stress. Chronic stress can lead to major quality of life issues, including insomnia and even a weaker immune system. 

Getting regular exercise is a well-known way to ease those feelings, but riding a bike may be particularly beneficial.

"Cycling seems to give something extra,” according to Dr. Nick Cavill, an independent public health consultant and researcher at the University of Bristol. "It may not yet be very well researched, but it's fairly well known among cyclists. There's a feeling of freedom, the ability to choose your own route and go where you like, and the ability to get physically a long way from home in a short amount of exercise time compared to a run or walk."

And if you’re really interested in maximizing your peace of mind, the RadMission is a single-speed hybrid ebike, which means it requires less maintenance than traditional multi-speed bicycles. There’s a reason it’s earned the reputation as the Free Spirit of our lineup! 


You must be 16 or older to operate a Rad Power Bikes ebike. Children under the age of 16 may lack the necessary judgment and skill to safely operate the ebike. A parent or legal guardian should always decide whether a child should operate or ride on an electric bike or any other vehicle.

Some localities may require ebike riders to be older than 16, so know and obey local regulations regarding rider age and other qualification.

Ready to head back to campus with a RadMission for $1,199? Check it out for yourself.

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