We're Going On a Radventure

We're Going On a Radventure

We get asked this question a lot: Where can I try one of these ebikes?!


Even though we're a direct to consumer business, test rides are in fact available at our three showroom locations (Seattle, Vancouver, B.C., and Utrecht, Netherlands), velofix areas, and at one of over 85 rental locations across the globe! 


It's a decent spread, but for the rest of the world, not test riding means relying on the hundreds of positive reviews (seriously, though!) from existing Rad owners, the quality craftsmanship and affordability of the bikes themselves, and the integrity of RPB as a company. 


But it's still a $1,500 purchase, and it still might not be enough for you to pull the trigger sight unseen. You need to touch it with your own two feet, see it with your own eyes, feel the power of the motor beneath you! We hear you loud and clear.


Next week, we're bringing Rad on the road for our inaugural demo tour. We're headed down the West Coast (and to Las Vegas, because no trip down the West Coast should be absent of a stop in Las Vegas). From July 16-31, you'll be able to ride our ebikes in iconic locales like Venice's Muscle Beach, Portland's Pioneer Square, and The Presidio in San Francisco.


We'll see you on the road.  Come out and meet our crew, rendezvous with your Rad community, and test ride a model you haven't ridden yet. The proof is in the pedaling.


First stop: Portland!




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