Long-Life Tips For Ebike Health

Long-Life Tips For Ebike Health

There's nothing like taking your ebike on its inaugural ride. Wind in your helmet, smile on your face -- it's a feeling you'll want to cling to for years to come, for many an adventure, for as long as you both shall live, right?


Like any body, ebikes benefit from proper care too. Even if you prefer to leave most of the tuning and maintenance to the bike shop professionals, there are some tasks you’ll need to perform regularly in order to ensure longevity and health for your ebike.



Here’s a timeline for recommended ebike maintenance:

On Arrival:

Once your ebike is assembled, run through the pre-ride safety checklist included in your owner's manual. If you assembled the ebike yourself, it's a good idea to have a local bike shop perform a quick tune-up before riding, to make sure everything is tightened properly and that your bike is safe.


Every Two Weeks (+/- 70 miles):

Wipe down your ebike with a damp cloth, and clean the drivetrain, then apply a bicycle chain lubricant. Pump up the tires to the proper pressure, and use the barrel adjusters to add tension to the brake or shifting cables if needed.


Every Month (+/- 200 miles):

Perform the tasks mentioned in tips number 1 and 2. Check your ebike for any signs of corrosion. Inspect tires, shifting cables, brake pads, brake cables, cable housing, and connectors for signs of wear or damage, and replace when necessary.


Every 6 Months (+/- 700-1000 miles):

It’s time for a professional tune up! Bringing your ebike to a local bike shop at least once per year is well worth the investment, and the pros will be able to assess when consumables like tires, cables, and brake pads need replacing.


With regular TLC, your ebike can provide many awesome future rides. A happy, healthy ebike makes for a happy, healthy rider.


Remember that if you see, hear, or feel anything unusual while riding your ebike, call our Tech Support Team or your local bike shop before riding further. A little problem can turn into a bigger one if left untreated.



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