Kick Off Summer With the Best Electric Bikes of 2021

Kick Off Summer With the Best Electric Bikes of 2021

Want to celebrate summer with one of the best electric bikes of 2021? We’ve got you covered. Our award-winning bikes have been popping up on “best of” lists all year long.

Here’s what the ebike experts are saying about some of our favorite models. Most are either in stock or ready to ship within 4-6 weeks. Order yours today to start riding Rad all summer long!


Best Electric Cargo Bike for Families

A mother rides her RadWagon with her children in nature.

The RadWagon

Fatherly, a leading digital media brand for dads, listed the RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike as one of the best cargo bikes for families -- especially those who need to conquer hills on their ride.

“Ample stand-over and a telescoping seatpost make it easy for riders of all sizes to hop on the RadWagon and head out,” Fatherly wrote. “Buy this bike if: You want a reliable, affordable cargo bike, and have some hills to climb.”

And to drive home this point, the RadWagon was named among the “7 Best Electric Bikes To Traverse This Rocky World” in Forbes.

“There are some bikes that really lean into cargo, and the RadWagon 4 is one of the best,” they wrote. “Not only is it on the cheaper end of the cargo bike spectrum, but it is powerful—the bike is built on a 750-watt motor—and has a range of about 45 miles.”

Load-up for more with our ebike accessories:

Ballard Cargo Bag

Hyban Helmet 2.0

ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Lock

Rad Mirror

And for active, hill-climbing families:


Running Boards


Best Electric Commuter Bike

Two women commute on 2021's best electric bikes from Rad Power Bikes

The RadCity Step-Thru and RadRover

If you're looking for a great commuting option, the RadCity Step-Thru was named 2021's best affordable commuter electric bike by Electric Bike Review.

"If price point is your primary driver, but you still want a product that offers quality and reliability, the Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3 is an excellent choice," they wrote. "Despite being affordably priced, these are not “throwaway” electric bikes like we’ve seen from some big box retailers and online stores … brands that appear and then disappear before any warranty claims can be handled."

Did you know our flagship electric fat tire bike is also a favorite bike among daily commuters?

With rugged fat tires and a durable, comfortable frame, the RadRover is the go-to electric fat tire bike for riders looking to explore the great outdoors on weekends and conquer their commute throughout the weekday.

The folks at Gear Patrol praised it as “one of the most stable rides around” and their choice for 2021's Best Commuter Bike.

“The slanted top tube and upright position make it easy to mount and dismount even in professional dress, while front suspension absorbs bumps in the road,” they said. “Seven speeds, integrated lights and full-coverage fenders are ready to roll in all manner of conditions.”

Add more safety to your commute with our lineup of ebike accessories:

Hyban Helmet 2.0

ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Lock

Rad Mirror


Best Electric Utility Bike

A woman and mad ride the RadRunner, 2021's best utility ebike,on. a dock.

The RadRunner

If you’re looking for a bike that can do it all, WIRED describes the RadRunner as an electric utility bike as possessing “a seemingly magic blend of affordability and usefulness.”

“Almost anyone can use the RadRunner,” WIRED wrote, adding that it’s an ideal ride for those looking to shuttle around their kids or replace a gas powered vespa.

WIRED weren’t the only ones impressed by the RadRunner. Treehugger named it the best overall bike for 2021.

"The RadRunner is both comfortable to ride and helpful in hauling just about anything," they wrote. "You can customize the RadRunner to fit your needs with up to 330 accessory combinations."

It's functionality wasn't lost on Bicycling Magazine either, who named the RadRunner as the year’s best “Compact E-Cargo With Lots of Storage Options.”

“The 750-watt rear-hub motor has enough torque to take you and all your stuff up hills and across level pavement at a comfortable 20 mph, and the wide 20-inch Kenda K-Rad tires balloon out over rough pavement and rocks, allowing you to take the RadRunner 1 (and whatever you choose to put on it) almost anywhere.”

Since entering the ebike scene in 2019, the RadRunner has become one our most popular electric bikes. And if you’re looking for even more utility (and features!) check out the RadRunner Plus.

Customize your ride to do more ( ... or just for fun!) with our lineup of ebike accessories:

RadRunner Wood Panels

RadRunner Number Panels


Best Electric Bikes for Women

A woman rides her RadMission in Seattle.

The RadCity Step-Thru, RadWagon, RadRunner, and RadMission

We don't make men's bikes or women's bikes -- we make bikes for riders. But we're thrilled to see four (four!) Rad Power Bikes models end up on Woman’s World’s list of 2021’s 13 best electric bikes for women.

The RadCity Step-Thru was named as 2021’s top electric commuter bike, the RadWagon made the list as the year’s best affordable electric cargo bike, the RadRunner earned a place for best electric utility bike, and the RadMission was ranked as the best affordable electric bike.

While each bike was praised for its respective features, that wasn’t the only thing that caught the media outlet’s eye.

“Free shipping and a free 14-day trial sweeten the deal, as well as knowing you’ll have access to Rad Power Bikes’ well-regarded support team seven days a week,” Women’s World said. “And all Rad Power Bikes come with a limited one-year warranty, so you’re covered in case of any manufacturing defects.”

Get more out of your ride with our lineup of ebike accessories:

RadMission Full Fenders

Hyban Helmet 2.0

ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Lock

Rad Mirror


Best Affordable Electric Bike

A father and children on the RadWagon outside.

The RadWagon

The RadWagon isn’t just a great choice for families looking to take on tough hills. It’s also a great deal. That’s according to Cycling News, which named the electric cargo bike as one of the best affordably priced ebikes.

“If there was a minivan bike this would be it,” they wrote. “Rad Power bikes is a go-to name in the marketplace. If you are looking for a low price and high quality, they are tough to beat. The Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 is the bike that makes it possible to haul two kids and a load of groceries all while staying within budget.”

The RadWagon was also named as 2021’s “Best Value E-Cargo Bike” by Bicycling Magazine.

“A $1,500, fully loaded e-cargo bike seemed too good to be true, so we borrowed the RadWagon from Rad Power Bikes to see if it could stand up to competitors that cost thousands more,” they wrote. “In short: it does.”

It’s a lot easier to charge $5,000 or more for an e-cargo bike when you market it as a car replacement, but the RadWagon proves you can render your car mostly obsolete for the price of an e-bike, not another car,” they added.

Gear up with our ebike accessories:

Ballard Cargo Bag

Large Basket

Small Basket

Hyban Helmet 2.0

ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Lock

Rad Mirror

And for families on the go:


Running Boards


Best Folding Electric Bike

Two people load up a RadMini onto an RV.
Going on a road trip or an RV adventure? Check out our expert guide to ebikes and RVs.


The RadMini and RadMini Step-Thru

The RadMini Electric Folding Bike has helped apartment-dwellers maximize their space since 2018 but it’s also a high-performance electric bike in its own right. This fact was not lost on Heavy, who lauded the bike for its power.

“Simply put: The RadMini 4 is a beast,” they wrote. “This compact folding bike is actually more powerful than some of the best fat tire electric bikes on the market today.”

Another big plus? The fun factor.

“The RadMini 4 from Rad Power Bikes is worth every penny if you’re looking for some quality entertainment on two wheels.”

Make a Mini adventure mighty with our ebike accessories:

Hyban Helmet 2.0

ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Lock

Rad Mirror


Best Electric Bike for Spring and Summer

A woman rides a RadCity Step-Thru electric commuter bike in San Diego.

The RadCity Step-Thru

If you’re looking for fun in the sun, the New York Post will point you toward the RadCity Step-Thru.

“This slick electric bike is from Rad Power Bikes and it sure is rad,” they wrote. “[The bike] is decked out with a low-step frame and a rear rack on the back, perfect for city riding and errands when you don’t want to take the car.”

Start your summer off right by ordering today. This versatile electric bike is shipping in June.

Celebrate summer with our ebike accessories:

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Best Ebike for Riding in Style

A woman checks her phone alongside a RadMission at a park.

The RadMission

Sometime’s getting around means making a statement. An ebike is a great way to let people know you’re a forward-thinking individual whose embracing alternative transportation,

To that end, Esquire named the RadMission as one of the best ebikes for those “who want to ride through 2021 in style.”

“Ebikes are great but can run large and heavy. That's what makes Rad Power bikes in general, but especially its newest bike, the Mission, so damn special. It feels like a standard city bike—that is, until you ride it,” Esquire wrote. “The RadMission 1 is built thin and portable like any good city bike, but with the added bonus of E-bikes: trekking long distances or up hills without getting sweaty. It's ideal for commuters who don't want to show up to work drenched.”

Sweat-free rides? Sounds stylish to me!


Complete your mission with our lineup of ebike accesories:

RadMission Full Fenders

Hyban Helmet 2.0

ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Lock

Rad Mirror


Ready to celebrate summer? Check out our full lineup of award-winning electric bikes or take our ebike quiz to find the best ebike for you! Most models are in stock or ready to ship within 4-6 weeks. Order yours today!

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