Not One for Assembling an Ebike? Get yours Built and Delivered!

Not One for Assembling an Ebike? Get yours Built and Delivered!

While we pride ourselves on making bikes that are easy to assemble right out of the box, we know that there are a lot of riders out there who really can’t wait to hit the road the moment their new model arrives.


Sound like you? You're in luck! Riders in select regions can now have their new ebike fully built, tuned, and delivered directly to their doorstep.

Check your zip code to see if Rad Mobile Service Built & Delivered or velofix Direct shipping options are available in your area. 
When you select delivery by RMS or velofix as your shipping option at checkout (for a nominal fee), your bike will show up ready to rip!


Rad Mobile Service and velofix Direct have teamed up to make this possible in most urban areas. If you live in a participating area, we’d like to share a few reasons this service may be right for you.



1. No skills needed.



A lot of our riders find that putting the bike together is an easy, breezy process. Some even appreciate getting to know their bike better along the way.


But let’s be honest. For some of us, the mere site of an assembly manual is enough to make our heads spin. Even if the instructions are super easy to follow, they may still give us flashbacks to high school shop class, where we considered ourselves lucky if we skirted by with a C and a barely functioning bird house.


Even though we strive to keep at-home assembly clear cut, this is the perfect option for riders who just want to get riding. There’s nothing wrong with that!



2. It's convenient!



Ordering a bike through our standard shipping method gives you the same experience that you'd expect from ordering any other high-value item. You're given a date from FedEx and then asked to make sure either you or another adult is on-site to sign for it once it finally arrives. Easy enough.


But with our assembly and delivery options, it gets even easier. RMS and velofix Direct give you the ability to set your own delivery date, which means you don’t have to keep an eye on your tracking number or scramble at the last minute to make sure there’s someone home to receive it.


With convenience like that, it’s an ideal solution for those juggling hectic schedules.



3. Get your questions asked and answered.



For those who are looking for more of a hands-on bike shop experience with their online order, delivery gives you an opportunity to speak directly with an expert -- at home!


It adds a personal touch to your experience. (Without any actual touching, of course. Our teams have taken steps to ensure that every visit complies with social distancing precautions.) 


They'll be able to help answer any questions you might have, walk you through some of the bike's key features, and make sure you're completely comfortable before your first ride. They'll even personally fit the bike to accommodate your size!



Want some help with your bike? Rad Mobile Service and velofix Direct can bring a full menu of maintenance options right to your doorstep, including tune-ups and safety checks, adjustments, and flat tire repair.





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