Listen: Mike Radenbaugh Sits Down with NPR's "How I Built This"

Listen: Mike Radenbaugh Sits Down with NPR's "How I Built This"

Rad Power Bikes Founder and CEO Mike Radenbaugh was featured this week on NPR’s How I Built This, a podcast dedicated to "innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built.”


Mike walked host Guy Raz through his early days behind the helm of his company, which started as a one-man operation cobbling together ebikes for his friends — and on one notable occasion, trading an electric bike for artisan vegan goods at his neighborhood's farmer's market.


From his eventual team-up with childhood friend and current Chief Marketing Officer Ty Collins to his first round of angel investments, Mike paints the full picture of how he and his team grew the company into North America’s largest ebike brand. 


It's a great story that you really have to hear for yourself. Even we learned a lot! Check it out below:


Want to dive deeper behind the scenes at Rad Power Bikes? Mike recently pulled back the curtain on the brand-new RadMission Electric Metro Bike

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