It's Game Time!

An orange, yellow, and white crossword puzzle grid with the words "Rad Cross Word" spelled out across.

It should be no surprise that we're pretty big fans of puzzles.

After all, we love helping people solve stuff, whether that's getting to work on time, hauling groceries, or just finding ways to have more fun. 

So when we discovered that today was National Puzzle Day, we couldn't resist making our own crossword puzzle — and since we have our RadExpand flash sale going on now, we figured it would be an awesome way to reintroduce riders to our fan-favorite electric folding bike. 

Give it a shot! If you get stuck, there's an answer bank at the very bottom of the page.

(But just so you know, unlike riding an electric bike, using it can be considered cheating.)

RadExpand Crossword  


Ready for an ebike designed to solve your storage issues? For a limited time, you can get the RadExpand for just $1,999! 

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Answer Bank
1 Down: Mike / 2 Across: Five / 3 Down: Range / 4 Across: White / 5 Down: Helmet / 6 Down: Motor / 7 Across: Fold / 7 Down: Fat / 8 Down: Seven / 9 Down: Black / 10 Across: Headlight / 11 Across: Seattle / 12 Across: Trailer / 13 Across: Rack / 13 Down: RV



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