Delivering a Game Day Win

Various takeout dishes and sodas arrayed on a table, including pizza and fish and chips.

This Sunday, an elite team of modern-day gladiators will don their helmets, strap on their gear, and embark on a glorious quest that will push them to their very limits.

But you won't find these living legends on the field. Instead, you'll see them in the streets  and in the saddle. 

They’re delivery cyclists, and their numbers include thousands of Rad riders, like our friend Jay from Philadelphia.

Jay, a bike courier, poses in a parking lot with a RadRunner. He is silhouetted by the afternoon sun.

Okay, so overblown sports metaphors aside, Jay will be the first to tell you that life as a bike courier is anything but boring, especially on a day like this upcoming Sunday, which is one of the busiest delivery days of the year in the U.S.

On any given day, you’ll Jay him zipping across Philly on his RadRunner and capturing the highs and lows on TikTok.

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Sometimes, he’ll deliver a bag of 10 sandwiches and ride away with a $70 tip. Other times, he’ll land in stranger scenarios, like the time he dropped off medicine for someone who was bit by a rabid guinea pig.

On the day of the big game, however, the job can get extra wild.

“There’s definitely a higher volume of orders, and they're always bigger,” he explained.

“There’s a wing place with a tiny kitchen that serves the entire west Philadelphia region, and it’s a pretty poppin’ spot. They’ll usually have 50 orders at one time, and I can’t imagine how it’s going to be Sunday with that space.”

“It’s probably going to be 250 orders at one time,” he added. “And it’s going to be a hundred wings for each order.”

While the prospect of delivering hundreds of chicken wings to packs of ravenous football fans may sound daunting, Jay views it as an opportunity that’s too good to pass up. 

“I look forward to it,” he said. “It’s one of the biggest consumer spending days of the year. I’m a business guy. I see dollar signs.”

With that in mind, Jay credits his RadRunner with helping him boost his earnings. Not only does it save him a ton on gas, which drivers generally have to pay for themselves, but it helps him pack way more orders into a single day. 

Jay, a delivery rider, is seated on the ground posing with a RadRunner against a backdrop of green bushes.

“Philadelphia’s relatively bike-friendly, and traffic is intense here, so moving around on my RadRunner is easier than moving around in a car,” he said. “For about a year, I used the bike share program in Philly, and I was able to be somewhat successful with that, but I couldn’t do orders as quickly as I do on this ebike. You know, climbing hills was a struggle.”

As an added bonus, he was able to use the extra money he was making to swiftly recoup the cost of the bike.

“It took about a month, maybe two,” he told us. “It pays for itself.”

That’s not to say the job doesn’t come without some sacrifice. As a self-described “big football guy,” working on game day means he can’t watch along with his family back home. 

Still, Jay says he has his own workaround. 

“I’m not gonna give up a bag,” he joked. “I’ll have my phone on the handlebars with the score up.”

As for those who are on the receiving end of a food delivery this Sunday, Jay shared some parting wisdom.

“Remain patient and understanding, especially with the restaurants' wait time,” he said. “There’s absolutely nothing a driver can do to make your food come out quicker.”

And, hey, speaking of helpful tips, don’t forget to tip your driver cyclist.


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