Lights, Bikes, Action!

Lights, Bikes, Action!

Packing loads of upgrades into its classic motorcycle look, the RadRunner Plus -- available now for preorder and shipping in October -- has made a glowing debut.


But while the entire bike is feature-rich, there's one accessory that really helps the rider stand out and shine. 


Want an insider-look at our new premium LED halo headlight? We're here to shed some light on it.





A Bright Idea   


Among a sizeable list of upgrades, the new RadRunner Plus features a premium LED halo headlight, complete with a removable rock guard.


Like the other models, the headlight, tail light and brake light are seamlessly integrated into the electrical system, making it strategically built and optimized for high performance.


Its rugged design work stands out as a stark feature on the bike. If you look closely, you’ll see part of the Rad Power Bikes logo shining through the light ring (fancy, right?)


Needless to say, we’re all for being seen and making a statement.


While this new headlight is not compatible with our universal front rack at this time, it is built to work across Rad Power Bikes' entire lineup.


You read that right! You can take your existing ride and light it up (to 500 lumens to be exact.)



An Illumination Evolution



We've evolved at the speed of light.


Our original models came with 50-lumen spotlights. Last year, we upgraded our standard Rad Power Bikes-branded headlight to hit 200 lumens, guaranteeing that our bikes are a go-to option for day or night.


When it came time to create upgrades for the RadRunner Plus, we naturally wanted to turn things up a notch.


We added an extra 300 lumens and a ring of light along the side, which adds visibility to whatever lies ahead on your trail, path, or street — and peripheral angles.



Lighten Up!


“Safety first” has always been our priority at Rad Power Bikes. So, whether you’re an early riser up before the sun or a sunset chaser coming home after dark, with a powerful headlight gleaming in front, you can enjoy added peace of mind on your rides.


It’s a small piece of equipment that makes a radiant difference. The only question is… where will you set off to?



With a $1,699 USD price point ($2,299 CAD, €1.599 EUR) and flexible financing options, the RadRunner Plus stands side-by-side with the original RadRunner as a testament to our value innovation.


Preorder yours today for delivery in October. 


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