The RadRover 6 Plus: The Rover, Reimagined

The RadRover 6 Plus: The Rover, Reimagined
We just announced the RadRover 6 Plus -- the latest model of our fat tire flagship, which has come a long way since the RadRover was introduced in 2015. 

The all-new RadRover 6 Plus boasts premium upgrades specifically designed to help you get more out of your ride. The custom geared-hub motor climbs hills faster than ever, the new semi-integrated battery is now even easier to remove, and the addition of high-performance hydraulic brakes promises greater stopping power. Factor in an intuitive user interface uniquely positioned at eye level and a durable frame re-engineered to maximize comfort, and you’re looking at a seriously impressive electric bike -- and one wicked fun ride.  

This is the biggest evolution of our flagship fat tire bike in Rad’s history, built on the legacy of the original that kickstarted the ebike movement. As we take a look at the evolution of the RadRover, we hope this latest version -- the RadRover 6 Plus -- inspires even more riders to join the movement! 

Let’s take a deeper dive.

The Ebike Evolution

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From a 2015 crowdfunding campaign to North America’s largest electric bike brand, Rad Power Bikes has continually raised the bar on what riders can expect from an electric bike and an electric bike company. Building on five previous iterations of the iconic RadRover, the RadRover 6 Plus arrives at the apex of Rad's evolution.

“The RadRover is special to us,” Mike Radenbaugh, Founder and CEO of Rad Power Bikes said. “It's our flagship ebike, it introduced Rad Power Bikes to the world, and kickstarted the ebike revolution -- a movement now led by more than 350,000 Rad riders around the world.”

The immediate demand for the first RadRover proved that there was an untapped appetite for high-quality, affordable electric bikes. The Indiegogo campaign to finance its initial run raised over 430 percent of its funding goal, ultimately setting the pace for what Rad Power Bikes could expect in years to come. 

But while the first bike broke new ground with durable, eye-catching fat tires and a motor that supplied nearly twice the power of the era’s run-of-the-mill electric bikes, Radenbaugh knew it was just a first step. 

The following year, Rad Power Bikes upped the ante by updating the bike with better mounting points for accessories and a more rigid frame for more confident rides. Then they resolved to make the RadRover 3 more user-friendly by upgrading components across the entire bike, including a simplified battery design. To achieve a more comfortable riding experience, they equipped the RadRover 4 with reflective, puncture-resistant tires and an integrated taillight. In 2020, Rad Power Bikes introduced fenders, an upgraded headlight, and its first Step-Thru frame option that opened the fat tire bike to a wider range of riders than ever before.

“Over the last seven years we have made incremental improvements, but this is the first top-to-bottom redesign,” Rad's Chief Product Officer Redwood Stephens said. “The end result is a completely next-level riding experience that screams ‘I am an electric bike and proud of it’.”

In short, it’s a radical redesign for a radical bike. 

The Ebike Revolution

Beyond providing a next-level riding experience, the RadRover Plus 6 is a reminder of how far the ebike movement has come.

When the RadRover was first offered to the public in 2015, there were 180 orders placed in the first few weeks. For an emerging start-up, that was amazing news. Flash forward to today, and Rad Power Bikes is now catering to a riding community spread across 30 countries.

Within a year, it was clear that the world was catching on to the power of ebikes. While they were once seen as a fun, niche item, as soon as they started hitting driveways, early adopters started letting their friends and neighbors go for a spin. A new generation of riders quickly understood that ebikes can be a life-changing, full-fledged car alternative, whether you’re commuting, running errands, or just enjoying the outdoors. 

Rad Power Bikes doubled-down to meet the moment, rolling out models designed to shuttle kids, fold-up bikes for convenient storage in RVs, and intrepid urban-oriented bikes that make cities easier to explore.

The growth gave rise to countless other ebike companies, but Rad’s commitment to innovation kept them ahead of the curve. They grew the team to over 500 employees, expanded into Europe and Canada, and established Rad Mobile Service to bring the full capabilities of their service centers right to riders’ doorsteps.

That forward-thinking mindset is what makes the RadRover Plus 6 the best-suited bike for the new era of mobility. 

“We are on a mission to get people out of their cars and onto their bikes, so we needed to develop  powerful, confidence-inspiring, reliable bikes so people can make the leap out of their car,” Stephens said. “We thought through that at every design decision we made.”

While that’s a hefty goal, the real work that went into making the RadRover 6 Plus a reality was even more daunting. It meant years of research, thousands of hours of design work, and countless test rides across 20 different prototypes.

“We know that riders want more control of their ride, so we added hydraulic disc brakes. We know that they need a battery they can carry when they’re on the move, so we reimagined ours. If adopting a new technology or facing down daunting hills is a barrier, we’ve solved those issues by making the bike easier to operate and more capable on steep inclines.”

“Whether you’re commuting to work, hauling groceries, or headed on a weekend adventure, the RadRover 6 Plus is your durable, rugged, comfortable and—most importantly fun—everyday ebike,” according to Radenbaugh. “This is such a big moment for us all.”


Ready to see discover what happens when the ebike evolution meets the ebike revolution? The RadRover 6 Plus and RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru are available for preorder now. 

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