Behind the Bike: RadRover 6 Plus

Behind the Bike: RadRover 6 Plus




Last week, we unveiled the all-new, radically redesigned RadRover 6 Plus.

It quickly generated buzz among ebike experts for its new semi-integrated battery, reengineered frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and upgraded user interface — not to mention its stylish new look.

This week, we wanted to take an in-depth look into how these innovative features translate into real-life benefits for our riders. So, naturally, we turned to our award-winning design team to get the inside scoop.

And since it’s the 6th generation bike, we figured it’d make sense to shine a light on the top 6 reasons they know riders are going to love this next-level bike.


1. It's Easier to Start Your Ride ... 

Two friends ride RadRover 6 Plus bikes down a rural road.

For years, the Rad Lab has been working overtime to develop a battery that provides a more user-friendly experience, especially when riders are in a hurry.

They achieved this by totally rethinking how it’s locked onto the bike.

“It's only got two key positions, not four like on previous models,” Industrial Designer Joe Gray told us. “It's got unlocked to remove the battery and locked to put it on. And that's it.”


2. ... And Easier to Stop

Two friends stop to chat while riding their RadRover6 Plus down rural roads.

The RadRover 6 Plus is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which offer greater stopping power and more control over your ride.

“We’ve taken rider feedback into every design decision,” Industrial Designer Trevor Knapp said. “We know there are a lot of riders who’ve been using their bikes more and going for longer riders. This is a premium feature that compliments the way they ride.”

And if your hands have ever gotten tired in stop-and-go situations, the brake lever responds to a lighter touch can be easily adjusted to accommodate each rider’s hand size.


3. It Climbs Hills Even Faster

A family rides their RadRover 6 Plus up a mountain hill.

One of the most exciting things about electric bikes is their ability to climb hills. This makes taking a bike ride possible for just about everyone — even if you live in a city or town marked by steep inclines.

To provide more hill climbing capabilities, the Rad Lab developed a new custom geared hub motor that supplies more power to the bike while still maintaining battery life.

“This Rover climbs hills 25% faster than previous models,” Stephens said. “That's what we can do with lots of prototype testing and attention to every detail.”


4. It Makes Long Rides More Comfortable

A RadRover 6 Plus on a woodsy mountain road from the distance.

While RadRover has always provided a comfortable ride feel over rugged terrain, the design team doubled down on the ergonomics.

“We wanted to keep the familiarity of the Rover, so it still has the triangular profile and classic top tube,” Gray said. “The rest of the geometry has changed to improve the user's experience. It makes it more comfortable and makes you more confident riding it longer and further.”

As an added bonus, the RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru can now accommodate riders between 5’2" and 6’2”, making it the most accessible Rover in Rad history.


5. It Keeps You in the Know

A close-up of the RadRover 6 Plus' User Interface

The Rad User Interface features the Rad Remote and Rad Display, two components that make it easier to operate your bike when you’re on the go.

The Rad Display offers real-time information about your ride, like how fast you’re going or how many miles you’ve racked up, while the Rad Remote lets you see both your level of pedal assist and how much juice your battery has left at any given time.

“All of the information is organized in a way that it's easier to access quickly,” Gray said. “We even made the power button bigger and bolder, which means you can now turn your bike on and off when you’re wearing gloves.”


 6. It's Up for Anything 


A woman rides a RadRover 6 Plus on a farm.

As a total package, the RadRover 6 Plus is an all-around fun bike. But what about when you actually have to get stuff done?

For that, the Rad Lab has rolled out exclusive new accessories. Adventure seekers can enjoy a redesigned Rear Rack for hauling gear and Battery Terminal Covers that keep the bike’s portals clean when you take the battery off while traveling. As for commuters, there’s a new USB Charger to keep devices alive when you’re on the go and a new Battery Travel Case that keeps it protected when you head into the office.

“Whatever you need to do to, we made sure you’ll never have to hop in your car again,” Senior Product Manager Sarah Bruce Courtney said.

Don't take our word for it. The press loves our brand new fat tire bike too.

"Even if you are not traveling anywhere this summer, an ebike like the RadRover 6 Plus can put the wind in your hair as you explore miles from home." - Forbes

"The most eye-catching new detail is certainly the semi-integrated battery." - The Verge

"With all the upgrades Rad Power Bikes is bringing to the table with the new RadRovers, I’m going to be hard-pressed not to upgrade to one of these new bad boys." - CleanTechnica 

"Rad's sexiest ebike yet." - Gear Patrol

"The sort of features you want for riding on dirt, gravel, grass, and other surfaces beyond nice, smooth pavement." -  Fast Company


Ready to discover your favorite part about our radically redesigned flagship bike? The RadRover 6 Plus and RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru are available for preorder now! 


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