Here’s how far you can ride your electric bike

Here’s how far you can ride your electric bike

Curious about the range of our electric bikes?

You’re not alone! It’s one of the most frequent questions we receive – and for good reason. When you’re out there on the trail, the last thing anybody wants is to suddenly find themselves stranded.  

To help avoid this, our ebikes show your battery’s estimated power level directly on the display. You’ll be able to see when it starts to decline, so you can decide if it’s time to head back, reduce your power use, or keep going.

But for those planning ahead, here’s what you should know: 

Our ebikes can get you up to 72 kilometers per charge – and sometimes more.

The RadCity 5 Plus, for example, can hit 80 km per charge, thanks to tire treads designed in-house to boost the ebike’s efficiency.

This stat is based on internal testing. Actual range varies depending on riding conditions.

Certain factors can affect your range. 

Power use, payload weight, and the terrain you’re encountering can affect how long your battery lasts.

 For example, if you’re riding uphill with an ebike loaded to maximum capacity while relying solely on the throttle, you’re going to have less range than someone riding on flat ground with no cargo and a minimal level of pedal assist. 

When the motor isn’t doing as much work, your range goes up. When it’s being used heavily, your range goes down.  

You can charge throughout your day. 

If you have a long commute and want to make sure you have enough juice to get back home or make an errand run after work, the battery can detach from the bike for easy charging. 

And unlike electric cars, you won’t have to hunt down a special charging station. The charger that comes with your ebike plugs into a standard 120 volts, 15 amp wall outlet, so you can plug it in at your desk or in the break room. 

It takes about seven hours to charge your battery from completely drained to completely full, so even if you’re just charging for an hour or two, you can consider it a quick top-off.

What do our riders say?

To give you a sense* of what you can expect, we’ve collected a few testimonials from the Rad Community. Remember, your results may vary depending on how you ride.


“Absolutely love this bike. My husband and I are in our 60’s. Having pedal assist is a game changer for us. We recently did a 37 mile ride with ease.” - Marian S., verified RadRover 6 Plus rider 


“Because of an injury I’m unable to pedal at this time. I’m using the motor exclusively and have found the mileage rating of 45+ miles per charge is very accurate." - Scott H., verified RadWagon 4 rider.


“Yesterday, I rode 42 miles! I’m 59, out of shape, and lack confidence to ride 6 miles on a normal day. I’m planning great vacations now just centered to my bike.” - Cassie M, verified RadRover 6 Plus rider.


​​"Having the RadWagon is perfect for making deliveries for our coffee roasting business and it gets quite a bit of attention. It powers up hills well and gets around 40 miles to a single charge!" - Margo R., verified RadWagon rider.


“Great with hills, and perfect for local deliveries and errands. I live in a very hilly place and, even with lots of elevation climbing, I can easily ride well over 30-miles in a given day (on a single charge).” - Jason, verified RadRunner 2 rider.


“​​I have been commuting about 30 miles round-trip per day for the past month and am very happy with the comfort and performance.” - Gary S. verified RadCity 5 Plus rider.


A group of friends sit by the waterfront on a sunny day with their electric bikes in the foreground.

“ I use aggressive throttle on pretty uneven dirt roads and up some very steep hills. Over 26 miles, the battery only goes down 2-3 out of 5 bars. It’s amazing.” - Josh C., verified RadExpand rider.


“Our area has a lot of hills. This ebike takes them with little effort. Our average ride is about 20 miles and we use about 3 bars of battery power. There is a lot energy remaining at the end of these rides.” Roy F., verified RadRover 6 Plus rider. 


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*Reviews are from real customers but have been edited for breadth and clarity. Photos depict actors.



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