7 Surprising Uses for an Electric Bike

A woman gardens alongside a RadRover 6 Plus electric bike.

One of the most exciting things about Rad Power Bikes electric bikes is just how versatile they are.

The RadRover 6 Plus you bought to explore nature on the weekends can double as your ride for weekday commutes. That RadCity you picked up for grocery runs can also be used for last-minute camping trips. And the RadRunner you got for summer rides? It can keep you on the trail through winter and into the new year.

It seems that no matter what you want to do, an electric bike makes it easier, less expensive, and a whole lot more fun.

(Spoiler alert: that’s by design. Our engineers create multi-purpose electric bikes for year-round rides — even if it rains.)

While commuting, exercise, school drop-offs, and spontaneous adventures are some of the most common reasons people start riding our ebikes, we’re constantly impressed by the unique uses our riders have found for theirs.

Here are a few that caught our eye:

Gardening and Guitars

"I got my RadWagon to replace my 19 year old truck on many short trips. I can carry compost the three miles to my garden, or a guitar and amp to one of my local gigs, while getting a little bit of a workout, living greener, saving money and still make it up the long grade of the hill I have to climb to get home with ease." —  Gary B., Verified RadWagon rider

A Barbershop on Wheels

(Photo credit: Elise Giordano)

"I'm using the RadWagon for my mobile barber business, C'Mon Barber, on Vashon Island, WA. It's been really great for the hilly island climbs, carrying my barber kit and myself around and looking sharp!" Tara M., Verified RadWagon rider 

Ebikes for Golf

"I am an avid golfer and by attaching a carrier I can use my new ebike to play golf. It gives me flexibility to get to my golf ball quickly, play my next shot, and enjoy a new way to navigate the golf course. The RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru is a multi-dimensional mode of transportation since I can ride it for recreational purposes, get great exercise while pedaling, and now use it to play golf."  Richard P., Verified RadRover 6 Plus rider  

(Editor’s note: An ebike is a great way to get your clubs to the course, but not all golf courses will let you use them as a personal caddy. Check with your local operators about individual rules and regulations.)

Surf's Up!

“I knew I needed a cargo bike to not just carry everything, but be longer so it could carry the longboard itself … Now we just load up and go everywhere - pizza, groceries, the beach - without needing the car."  Michael S., Verified RadWagon rider

Interested in ebikes for surfing? Learn more about Mike

An Artist's Retreat

"I am 76 years old and thought I might be too old for a ebike but have been using it to haul my painting easel and equipment around to paint outdoors and love it. The RadRunner 2 is easy to ride and I am very happy with my purchase."  Melvin P., Verified RadRunner rider

From Rail to Trail

"It gets me where I’m going and I get exercise at the same time. I take it on the train and avoid I95 traffic. What could be better? I’ve met other RAD owners on the train and enjoy exchanging stories. I travel 20 plus miles and only drop 2 of the 5 bars on the battery. I especially like being able to detach the battery for charging." Mary H, Verified RadExpand rider

Ebikes for Skiing

“Skis are easy. You can put them along the bike’s spine. If I’m going snowboarding, I’ll just strap my board to my back ... When we get there, I just put the kickstand down and walk right onto the snow ... If we were to walk it, it’d take all day. Ebikes help us extend our season, conserve our energy, and enable us to go on longer tours." — Ming P., Verified RadRunner and RadRover rider


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*Reviews are from real customers but have been edited for breadth and clarity.



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