How Do Our Tires Perform on Wet Surfaces? | Test Ride Tuesday

How Do Our Tires Perform on Wet Surfaces? | Test Ride Tuesday

Every year around this time, we get an uptick in calls from people looking to get an early start on their holiday shopping. A lot of them have done their research and know the various benefits of getting a loved one an electric bike, but for a certain subsection living in particularly rain-prone climates, they’ll come to us with one big question: How do our bikes handle wet terrain?

Fortunately, we’re able to tell them that rainy days don’t have to get them down. That’s because our electric bikes are designed for year-round riding, thanks in part to the awesome tires on each model.

To showcase how well these tires work on slick roads, we decided to hit the trail the morning after a big storm with a RadCity Step-Thru and a RadRover Step-Thru, two models that at first glance appear to have very little in common.

Our friend Kayla kindly agreed to bundle-up and join us. After a lovely morning soaking in the brilliant foliage and the crisp fall air, it’s safe to say that neither bike dampened her spirits.   


If you take a look through our entire lineup, you’ll notice that we have electric bikes with fat tires sold alongside models with narrower ones. So what can you expect from the tires on each model?

A good rule of thumb to remember is the more surface area a tire takes up, the better traction it will have, especially on wet surfaces. The RadRover, for instance, boasts 4" fat tires. The extra surface area combined with a knobby tread unsurprisingly means more grip on the road.

But while the RadCity’s tires are narrower than those on our electric fat tire bikes, it’s still very capable on wet weather rides. That's because even though the tires look narrower, they're still 2.3" wide —around the same width as the tires on your average mountain bike.

And remember, when riding in unfavorable conditions, always make sure you increase the distance between you and other vehicles and decrease your speed. When things are slippery, you will have less control, so it's always smart to err on the side of caution. You can never be too safe!

Go ahead, give the gift of year-round rides!

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For full wet weather guidelines, consult our online help center. Rad Power Bikes discourages riding in conditions that exceed your or your bike’s ability. We also recommend consulting a local, reputable, and certified bike mechanic to inspect and tune your bike before engaging in any off-road or wet weather riding.


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