Check Out How Our Electric Bikes Are Made

Check Out How Our Electric Bikes Are Made

You know, it’s a lot easier to ride an award-winning electric bike than it is to design one. Crafting an awesome bike from the ground up is a pretty intense effort, one that draws on the strength of our entire design team. But what exactly does our roster of engineers and industrial wizards do to create a ride that makes you feel “like a panther on steroids?”


To answer that, we’re giving our riders a peek inside the Rad Lab™ to see how our electric bikes are made.


Behind these doors, you’ll see the entire design process — from the initial brainstorm to our tech-savvy engineering stage, from extensive quality testing to the bike’s very first ride.




The RadLab designers who build out electric bikes in comic book form.

Here's what stood out to us: 


  • The Rad Lab draws from a pool of nearly two dozen full-time technicians to to carry out every new project.


  • The team compiles a slew of 3D renderings for each new model. This allows everyone to have an in-depth, granular understanding of the bike well before anything is manufactured.


  • Our design engineers put the bike frame prototypes through a wide array of stress tests. They’ll even drop them certain heights to make sure they literally won’t crack under pressure.


  • The Rad Lab's electrical engineers are very, very picky. They’ll work closely with the design team to test out different combinations of electrical components until they land on the best possible ride feel.


  • Every electric bike we build goes through a 50-point quality control inspection before it leaves the factory. This covers every part of the bike -- including the torques on the screws.


  • Our factories have a built-in 100 meter track that our inspectors use to give each and every bike a final test ride. Some of it's flat, some of it's elevated, and there's even a bumpy stretch meant to resemble some of the rough terrain you might encounter on your ride.

 Go ahead! Check out the Rad Lab for yourself.





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