How Well Do You Know Your LCD Display?

How Well Do You Know Your LCD Display?

After a day filled with urgent emails and non-stop notifications, your electric bike is the place where you can finally disconnect.


But here’s the deal -- while your LCD display is technically a screen, it’s not going to remind you about any meetings. It’s just there to help you get the most out of your ride.


So go ahead, take a glance.


To celebrate the launch of the LCD upgrade that's now available for the RadRunner, here's a quick guide to help you better understand your display's features.



Refresher Time!


The liquid crystal displays (cool, right?!) on our bikes showcase all the important information you need while riding, from the amount of charge left on your battery to the number of miles under your belt.


You interact with the display using the three buttons on the "display remote" on the left side of the handlebar, which includes a mode button along with Up and Down arrows.


Each button and combination of buttons performs a specific operation or lets you toggle between different information.



Going The Distance 


It's easy to rack up miles when you're having fun. The odometer (or, as some Radvocates call it, the Radometer) is a great way to track your goals.


Whether it's the first 10 miles or the first 1,000, people love sharing their milestones with us. Have you gone above and beyond? Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and we may feature your story!


After 6,213 miles (9,999 km), your numbers will roll-over -- which is probably the most reassuring sign that you're riding with the best of them.


The Radometer can also help you keep tabs on your ebike's health. Compare your mileage total with our suggested maintenance schedule and see if it's time to take your two-wheeled friend in for a check-up.





What's With The Watts? 


The wattmeter usually gets less attention than the rest of the display features, but it can be a handy way to get a sense of how much power is helping push you along.


Your battery has a 672 watt-hour capacity and with the display, you can track how much power you're using at any given time.


It's fun to see just how much power our bikes put out on any given ride. A cyclist pedaling at full capacity for 20 minutes on a conventional bike maintains a power output of about 164 watts. An average Tour De France cyclist (oxymoron?) generates about 429 watts. How does your ride compare?



Going For Speed 


Your LCD Get-Around System also makes it easy to answer that burning question about how fast you're going. (To comply with speed regulations on any given trail, of course ...)


Our Class 2 ebikes can go up to 20 mph (U.S. spec, 32 km/h in Canada). How does that stack up against riders on conventional bikes? Well, most experienced riders hit their stride between 15-20 mph.


But what of other creatures, like corgis? Are you going faster than a corgi? Corgis average around 10 mph, which sounds like A LOT for little legs, while cats are comfortable racing you at 20 mph!


Is that relevant to your ride? No. Does it give us an excuse to share some of the cute Rad Pets pics that we have floating around Rad Power Bikes HQ? You better believe it.




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