Ebike Experts Weigh In. These Are 2020's Best Electric Bikes.

Ebike Experts Weigh In. These Are 2020's Best Electric Bikes.

We work hard to make sure our riders enjoy the best electric bikes possible.


We can usually tell we’re doing a pretty great job based on the smiles we see in the photos they share with us, but it’s always nice to get a little bit of extra recognition — especially when it’s from experts who live and breathe electric bikes all-day, every-day.


That’s why we're so excited to see Electric Bike Review rank our models in 7 categories for the Best Electric Bikes of 2020. 



The RadCity Step-Thru 3

2020's Best Electric City Bikes and Best Affordable Electric Bike



In our lineup of winners, let’s begin with the RadCity Step-Thru 3, which was recognized as one of the Best Electric City Bikes of 2020 and one of the Best Affordable Electric Bikes of 2020.


Highlighting it as "approachable and comfortable," Electric Bike Review praised our low-step commuter bike as "ready for all sorts of ride conditions."


"It holds up well in varied weather and functions safely and reliably whether you’re commuting daily, running occasional errands, or simply riding for pleasure."



The RadCity 4

2020's Best Commuting Electric Bike



Speaking of commuting, the "feature-complete, comfort-oriented" RadCity 4 was named one of the Best Commuting Electric Bikes of 2020.


"It’s basically ready for any sort of weather and offers a lot of utility. Rad Power Bikes custom engineers their frames and puts a lot of attention into the details of which components are used."



RadRover 5

2020's Best Electric Fat Bike

For the adventurous soul chasing sunsets and adventure, our RadRover 5 was recognized as one of 2020's Best Electric Fat Bikes.


Citing Rad Power Bikes as one of the "originators in this category," Electric Bike Review noted that the bike is "stable and capable" in terrains that you may not even expect, including sand or even mulch.



RadMini Step-Thru 2

2020's Best Folding Electric Fat Bike



The Best Folding Electric Fat Bikes of 2020 award goes to our RadMini Step-Thru 2.


For storage, travel, or just convenience, a folding bike gives you the option of downsizing it … without downsizing any power (or fun!)


But that's not all. Electric Bike Reviews said that the “wide 11 to 34 tooth gearing makes it easy to pedal up steep hills and comfortable to maintain ~20mph top assisted speeds without feeling outpaced."



RadRunner 1

2020's Best Electric Minibike



The RadRunner 1 also hit the chart – securing a nod in the Best Electric Minibikes of 2020 category.


"[The RadRunner] is an extremely versatile and affordable mid-fat tire bike, with unique 20" x 2.2" tires provide comfort and good traction on any terrain," according to Electric Bike Review.


And of course, another noteworthy function is the passenger package, which enables the rider to bring a friend along to double the fun.



RadWagon 3

2020's Best Electric Cargo Bike



Last, but absolutely not least, the RadWagon 3 was named one of the Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2020.


With its ability to tote around a 350lb payload capacity, it’s an obvious choice for anyone needing to haul, tote, carry… (you get the gist.)


"Being around a bike like this just really gets the ideas pumping and you get excited to see that potential prove itself."






After all has been said (and awarded), it makes sense why INC. ranked Rad Power Bikes in the top 100 fastest-growing companies nationwide.


But don't worry. We're not resting on our laurels. We're already back on the trail on the hunt for the next big idea.


And to all the Rad Riders out there, thanks for making the journey with us and putting the power in Rad!  







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