Friday is Bike Everywhere Day

Friday is Bike Everywhere Day

We're rounding the corner on National Bike Month and the fun is in full swing for all things cycling. If you have yet to go for a ride, May 17, 2019, will be the day that has that little extra chutzpah you need to make the leap onto the saddle.


Friday is Bike Everywhere Day, and it's the biggest day, in the biggest month, for bicycling. Bike Everywhere Day (also called Bike To Work Day in some cities) was started by bike advocacy group The League of American Bicyclists in 1956 as a way for seasoned commuters and first-timers alike to take to the streets en masse and show what safe and sustainable transportation alternatives can look like.


Over 80 percent of the largest U.S. cities routinely host Bike Day events, and in Seattle, where being bike friendly comes as naturally as the rain, it's kind of a big deal -- over 20,000 riders participated in 2018. This year, over 100 celebration stations are being set up at major commuting hubs across the metropolitan area, and a storm of swag and friendly encouragement are in the forecast.


Check out the map below to see where you can participate in the festivities, and we'll see you on the road Friday morning.


Rad Power Bikes will be handing out goodies at five different station locations from 6-9 a.m.:


  • South Lake Union at Lake Union Park (at the end of the Westlake bike path)
  • Nickerson Street Saloon station (south end of the Fremont Bridge)
  • UW campus at South Rainier Vista (just off the Burke Gilman Trail)
  • Evergreen Point Station (east end of the 520 bridge)
  • Rad Power Bikes Seattle Showroom (1128 NW 52nd St in Ballard)




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