Five Reasons 2019 Was Our Raddest Year Yet

Five Reasons 2019 Was Our Raddest Year Yet

What a year it's been!


2019 saw a lot of growth and surprises. Luckily, we had people like you alongside us for the whole ride.


Before we pedal off into 2020, we figured we’d share a few reasons why we think this past year was our raddest one yet.




1. Our Rad Family Grew. 

Have you noticed more ebikes on the road this year? That’s because we saw our Rad family grow a lot in 2019. In fact, we more than doubled in size! 


And what a family it is! Whether your’e a verifiable rockstar, an NFL pro, or just someone with a taste for adventure, we’re proud to have you in our lives. 


Did you join us this year? If you're new to the world of electric bikes, we want to help you get started right.





2. You helped the planet.



Everybody knows that electric bikes can provide huge environmental benefits, but this year we really got to see that in action.


All of you did your part to cut down on pollution. In 2019, you helped save about 314 metric tons of CO2 per week.


That’s like 92 semi-trucks making 1,000-mile trips!





3. You put us to the test.



You took over 17,000 miles worth of test rides this year. That's like three round-trip airplane rides from Seattle to NYC!


We saw thousands of would-be riders stop by our Seattle, Vancouver, B.C. and Utrecht, Netherlands showrooms, but we also had the chance to bring our bikes to you. As part of our test ride tours, we got to meet you guys in 35 cities.


Not only did we spend a lot of time on the road, we doubled our rental fleet partners, giving aspiring riders more opportunities to try ebikes!





4. We Delivered.



Speaking of trips, we teamed up with the largest pizza company in the world for pedal-powered pizza delivery.


Rad Power Bikes is now Domino’s exclusive ebike provider for franchise owners and corporate stores in the United States.


We also helped make the streets of New York City a little more rad. Amid the hectic holiday season, our commercial fleet brought a clean and efficient twist to deliveries on some of Manhattan's busiest streets.





5. Rad riders made history!



You even made history!


When 405 Rad riders joined together for a two-mile group ride around Seattle’s Magnuson Park, it ended up breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest ebike ride ever!


Not a bad way to end the decade, right? 



Not yet a member of the Rad family? Check out these 5 reasons why we think everyone should give an ebike a shot. Thinking about taking the plunge but not sure where to begin? Take a look at our guide for picking the best ebike for you.



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