3 Reasons a Rad Ebike Makes the Best Graduation Gift

Four college-aged riders ride electric bikes down a bike path.

Do you know what goes great with a cap and gown? A Rad electric bike.

Okay, so we’ll admit that a mortarboard makes it harder to strap on a helmet, but an electric bike is still the best possible gift for the Rad grad in your life. Not only is it a unique way to celebrate their achievements, but it also gives them a leg up as they embark on their next steps. 

Here’s why:

1. They’re designed to be personalized

A woman goes rock climbing in the woods alongside their RadRover 6 Plus electric bike.

“Great gift for my son. This ebike is comfortable and reliable. He uses it for his local fishing trips. Highly recommend this product and company.” - Verified Rad Rider Kathy E.


An electric bike is an undeniably cool gift on its own, but it can also be a thoughtful one – especially when you customize it with accessories tailored to your grad’s favorite activities.

Think about what they love to do. Are they the outdoorsy type who could use an ebike decked out for rugged adventures? A stylish urbanite who wants to stand out while riding downtown? Or do they have a furry friend they’d love to take to the park across town?

Our full lineup of ebike accessories makes it easy to equip their gift in a way that reflects their personality and shows them that you know them well.

2. They can save your grad money 

A young woman and man drink coffee and talk while standing next to their RadCity electric bikes.

"A new job allowed me to not need to rely on a car, so I got an ebike as a graduation present to myself. It is the best purchase I have made in years." - Verified Rad Rider Nern O.


That transition period after college can be rough. Nobody knows how long it might take to land their first job, and life can be a little rocky while waiting for an opportunity to arrive. 

Sure, you could help out with a gift card or a little bit of gas money, but if you really want to ease their burden, there’s nothing like an electric bike.

If money’s too tight for a tank of gas, they can hit the road on their ebike instead. If their new apartment has exorbitant parking fees, they can leave the car at the family home and lock up their ebike at their place. And for all of the weekend plans that would usually require hailing a rideshare, they’ll have instant access to cost-free transportation. 

What makes a better gift than that?

3. They're great gift for parents too

A child and two parents walk their RadRover electric bikes down a small town street.

“Best purchase we’ve ever made. After 4 months and over 1000 miles, this is what we think: These ebikes are awesome! Neither my wife or I had really ridden bikes since college. Now, starting retirement, we were looking for something we could do together that’d allow us to explore, get outdoors, and moving! We couldn't be happier.” – Verified Rad Rider Jeff W.


We don’t want to distract from the grad’s big day, but hey, graduation is also a landmark event in any parent’s life.

After years of raising children, driving them to practice, and helping them with homework, graduation day is the fulfillment of mom and dad’s hard work. Naturally, they deserve their own gift, even if it’s just one to themselves.

Plus, now that your student’s moving on up, things around the house might suddenly get a lot quieter. There’s never a better time to try something new and rediscover the joy that’s waiting for you right in your own backyard.


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