5 Rad Things to Know about Safe Shield Batteries

5 Rad Things to Know about Safe Shield Batteries

If there’s one thing you should know about Rad, it’s that we love solving problems. Sometimes it’s developing an electric bike that can shave hours off your commute. Other times, it’s creating something that’ll help kick the ebike revolution into overdrive — like our new Safe Shield Batteries.

According to the Verge, “as electric bikes become more popular in the US, the risk of deadly fires stemming from cheaply made batteries has become an unfortunate side effect that risks derailing the momentum of an important climate change fighting tool.”

While Rad has always equipped our electric bikes with top-tier batteries loaded with high-quality cells, the folks at the Rad Lab set out to go above and beyond with our latest release.

Safe Shield is a first-of-its kind ebike battery designed to stop fires before they start — and as our friends at electrek put it, "it’s hard to overstate how pivotal this will be for the ebike industry."

Here’s why we’re getting charged up about our new cutting-edge battery – and why you should too!

1. UL Certified

A man places a Safe Shield battery onto a Radster Road on an urban sidewalk.


Safe Shield batteries are UL Certified to UL 2271 standards. 

This means that they’ve been put through a rigorous series of tests to meet standards set by UL Solutions, a global safety science leader.

Heads up: We’re starting to see more local communities set up regulations that will only allow UL Certified batteries in their neighborhoods, so going with a Safe Shield battery is a great way to future-proof your ride.

2. Thermal-Resistant Technology

A family of three walks toward their RadWagon 5 on a suburban driveway.

Safe Shield Batteries are more durable and powerful, and feature industry-leading thermal-resistant technology for an extra layer of safety, whether it’s on or off your ebike.

Each cell is wrapped in a unique heat-absorbing resin that can effectively stop the spread of a localized thermal event, and can even extinguish it.

3. Compatible on All Current Rad Ebikes

A close-up shot of a Safe Shield Battery on a RadExpand 5 Plus in a desert environment.

Safe Shield Batteries are compatible with any ebike currently sold by Rad – and not just our new lineup.

That means if you have a RadRunner 2 or RadRover 6 Plus, you can still enjoy the benefits of a Safe Shield battery.

They’re available à la carte and come in both semi-integrated and external styles. Simply choose the one that matches the battery your current Rad ebike accepts, and you’ll be ready to roll.

4. More Range 

Two people ride their Radster Trail on a dirt road covered in fall foliage.

Our batteries have gone from 14 Ah to 15 Ah but what does that mean for you as a rider?

In short, these batteries can store more electricity, which means you can enjoy longer rides, fewer charging sessions in between, and a longer battery life cycle.

5. High-Quality Cells

A close-up of a Safe Shield battery on a green electric bike in a studio setting.

The same high-grade lithium-ion cells that were once reserved for electric cars now power your electric bike, giving you added capability, greater efficiency, and a longer battery life cycle.

 Each Safe Shield battery is built with reliable Samsung or LG cells.

Safe Shield Batteries are just one piece in our new lineup’s suite of advanced safety features. Check out what you can expect when you ride Rad.

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