Celebrating Rad Women

With ebikes designed for anything and everything, it's no wonder more women are Riding Rad than ever before. Ready to join them?

We Make Electric Bikes for You

Rad’s mission is to make ebikes accessible to more people, so we design our bikes to fit a variety of heights, weights, and body types. Our lineup is unique because you are unique. Our bikes are designed and priced for everyone.

Whether you’re 5’1” or 6’6”, looking for a bike to ride to the store or to the woods, or to tote passengers or cargo, we have a bike for you. Take our quiz to find the best ebike for you.

Bikes Fit For You

We’re committed to making biking enjoyable and inclusive, which means pairing you with a model that works for your body.

Interested in fat tires for better grip over loose terrain? Our flagship RadRover electric fat tire bike is available in a traditional high-step frame or in an easier on/off step-through. Looking to haul precious cargo across town? Our RadWagon electric cargo bike’s telescoping seat post adjusts to fit riders between 5'1" - 6'4". Plus, with a full lineup of ebike accessories, you can customize your ride for just about anything.

This bike is incredibly user-friendly, kid-friendly, and slightly-out-of-shape friendly. You don't need to be a bike enthusiast, living in the city, with 5% body fat. Nope, this bike is truly for everyone. 10/10 highly recommend.

Katrina D

I am a very small woman who has had MS for 44 years. This bike has truly changed my life. I can now get out, get as much or as little exercise as I want, and never have to worry about being stranded somewhere.

Julie D

Designed for Both New and Experienced Riders

Cycling can be tough to get into. Bike infrastructure can vary from city to city, riding alongside traffic can be stressful, and if it’s been years (or decades!) since your last ride, getting started can naturally feel a little intimidating.

The right ebike can break these barriers. With user-friendly pedal assist putting more power behind every pedal stroke and a throttle that can bring you up to 20 mph in just moments, electric bikes make it easier to navigate your world in comfort and confidence.

Epic way to bike commute to work! It has made bike commuting 7 miles each way a really great alternative to using my car. Awesome way to minimize my carbon footprint and a beautiful way to start the day.


It's definitely made it easier for me to get back into long-distance biking, and going around the city. The service is great and efficient as well. Absolutely no regrets!

Magali S

Made for Your Life

Rad Riders lead busy lives, so our bikes are designed to make your life easier. An ebike can’t add more hours to the day, but our customers have told us that their Rad Bikes have made it easier to fit physical activity and fresh air into their busy lives.

So whether you’re riding for fun, transportation, or health (or all three in the same ride!), you can conquer hills and cover longer distances with a battery capable of getting you up to 72+ kilometers per charge.

Start your ebike adventure today with quick, easy financing and take advantage of free shipping.

Parks, bike paths … you name it, we do it! We've saved oodles of money on gas, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to get our kids outside every single day.

Andi S

I replaced my car with this. My commute home is all uphill and this bike is a champion. I use it to go grocery shopping every 2 weeks and go camping.


Rad Women in the Real World