ABUS Adaptor Chain (130 cm)

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  • Requires the RadCity Wheel Lock by ABUS
  • The RadCity Wheel Lock by ABUS is compatible with the RadCity 5 Plus, as well as the legacy RadCity 3 & 4 and RadMission models.

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Designed for use with the RadCity Wheel Lock by ABUS, this 130 cm Adaptor Chain makes it even harder for would-be thieves to ride off with your ebike. 

The 130 cm chain allows you to secure your ebike to a rack and secure your front wheel  — giving you ultimate peace of mind when you’re locking it up outside the office or heading into a long movie.

Need a shorter, lighter chain? Check out the 85 cm length from ABUS

Product features: 

  • For use with an ABUS Wheel Lock. This product cannot be used on its own. 
  • 6 mm square chain made of hardened steel
  • Special coating on the loop ring protects the ebike’s paintwork from being damaged
  • Compatible with all ABUS wheel locks sold by Rad


  • Length: 51.2” (130 cm)
  • Weight: 2.5 lb (1140 g)
  • Link diameter: 6 mm

Installation & use:

  • Place the chain around a fixed object, pull the pointed end through the ring on the chain, and attach it to the lock housing. The wheel lock key secures the entire unit, including chain.
  • Option to thread the chain through the front wheel to secure it as well.
  • To be used with the RadCity Wheel Lock by ABUS. This product cannot be used on its own.

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