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Front-Mounted BasketFront-Mounted Basket
Front-Mounted Basket
(4.4) 201 Reviews
$109 CAD
Rad MirrorRad Mirror
Rad Mirror
(4.5) 309 Reviews
$49 CAD
Rad Front Rack | BlackRad Front Rack | Black on bike
Front Rack
(4.5) 122 Reviews
$99 CAD
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Large BasketLarge Basket
Large Basket
(4.4) 71 Reviews
$119 CAD
GUB PRO-3 Phone MountGUB PRO-3 Phone Mount
GUB PRO-3 Phone Mount
(4.4) 59 Reviews
$27 CAD
ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Folding LockABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Folding Lock
ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Folding Lock
(4.3) 38 Reviews
From $229 CAD
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Small BasketSmall Basket
Small Basket
(4.6) 48 Reviews
$89 CAD
Battery Cover FrontBattery Cover back
Battery Terminal Cover
(4.4) 40 Reviews
$7 CAD
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ABUS Wheel Lock 5650L NRABUS Wheel Lock 5650L NR
ABUS Wheel Lock 5650L NR
(4.4) 40 Reviews
$49 CAD
Premium HeadlightPremium Headlight
Premium Headlight
(4.3) 58 Reviews
$59 CAD
Thule Yepp Maxi Child SeatThule Yepp Maxi Child Seat
Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat
$280 CAD
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Cargo Straps for E-bikeCargo Straps for E-bike
Cargo Straps
$25 CAD
Small Basket BagSmall Basket Bag
Small Basket Bag
(4.3) 32 Reviews
$59 CAD
Large Basket BagLarge Basket Bag
Large Basket Bag
(4.0) 41 Reviews
$79 CAD
Comfort SaddleComfort Saddle
Comfort Saddle
(4.4) 50 Reviews
$79 CAD
Fremont Pannier BagFremont Pannier Bag
Fremont Pannier Bag
$109 CAD
ABUS Adaptor ChainABUS Adaptor Chain
ABUS Adaptor Chain
(3.9) 22 Reviews
$65 CAD
Battery Case OpenBattery Case Closed
Battery Travel Case
(4.7) 46 Reviews
$59 CAD
Enhanced Comfort SaddleEnhanced Comfort Saddle springs
Enhanced Comfort Saddle
(4.3) 53 Reviews
$99 CAD
USB Charger portUSB charger on bike
USB Charger
$39 CAD
Rad Colored GripsRad Colored Grips
Rad Colored Grips
$29 CAD
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Saddle BagSaddle Bag
Saddle Bag
$39 CAD
Large PlatformLarge Platform
Large Platform
$59 CAD
Rad Colored PedalsRad Colored Pedals
Rad Colored Pedals
$39 CAD
Reflective Safety StickerReflective Safety Sticker
Reflective Safety Sticker
$19 CAD
Large Rolltop Basket Liner BagLarge Rolltop Basket Liner Bag
Large Basket Roll Top Liner
$129 CAD
Large Insulated Delivery BagLarge Insulated Delivery Bag
Large Insulated Delivery Bag
$99 CAD
Small Rolltop Basket Liner BagSmall Rolltop Basket Liner Bag
Small Basket Roll Top Liner
$99 CAD
Cargo Net for E-bikeCargo Net for E-bike
Cargo Net
$25 CAD
Rad Integrated Battery Pack Side ViewRad Integrated Battery Pack closeup view
Rad Semi-Integrated Battery Pack
$749 CAD
Close up image of gripsClose up image of grips and plugs
Rad Comfort Grips
$29 CAD
Handlebar BagHandlebar Bag
Handlebar Bag
$39 CAD
Rad Tail LightRad Tail Light
Rad Taillight
$30 CAD
Pet Basket CarrierPet Basket Carrier
Pet Basket Carrier
$149 CAD
Handlebar MittsHandlebar Mitts
Handlebar Mitts
$109 CAD
Pet Basket LinerPet Basket Liner
Pet Basket Liner
$79 CAD
Inner Tube 27.5" x 2.0"
Inner Tube - 27.5" x 1.9” ~ 2.0"
$20 CAD
Small Insulated Delivery BagSmall Insulated Delivery Bag
Small Insulated Delivery Bag
$79 CAD
Kenda Kontact - 27.5" x 1.95"Kenda Kontact - 27.5" x 1.95"
Kenda Kontact - 27.5" x 1.95"
$49 CAD
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider RackHollywood Racks Sport Rider Rack
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Rack
$750 CAD

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