Winter Riding Tips for All-Weather Adventure

RadRunner ebike rides down a snowy road.

Jack Frost is doing more than nibbling on your nose. He’s blowing winds, cueing up the snow, and moving Nimbus clouds in with gusto. Time to store the bike? Not you. Check out our favorite tips to keep you riding all year long.

Keep Your Electric Bike Battery Warm

You’re not the only one needing toasty surroundings to operate: Store ebike batteries in a warm, dry, and safe place when you’re not riding your bike. Doing so will protect the battery from inclement weather, help it stay charged, and maintain its longevity. 

Charge and store your battery indoors between 50 °F - 77 °F /10 °C - 25 °C. Failure to do so may void your warranty, render your battery non-functional, or cause a hazardous situation.

For riders looking for an easy way to transport their battery, Rad carries a custom battery case, designed to easily tote your battery on-the-go.

Choose the Right Bike Light

Decreased daylight requires increased visibility. Your Rad Power Bike comes equipped with a headlight and tail light. Yet, in high traffic areas or roadways that require boosted lighting - such as trails absent of lampposts - additional brightness may help you navigate the winter months.

Rad’s premium headlight offers twice the lumens and, like our traditional headlight, is integrated with your bike’s wiring. You may also want to “light” yourself: Before you head out the door, dress in vibrant, light-colored clothing, and add additional reflective stickers to your bike (we have them!). Outdoor retailers also offer an assortment of reflective or LED-integrated stickers, apparel, and removable LED lights that can attach to your bike, accessories, helmet, or person.

Wear Cold-Weather Bike Apparel

Ever biked in cold temperatures without gloves? Pro tip: don’t. Frostbite is a real condition that can happily be avoided with water-resistant gloves, apparel, and shoes. You can opt for an attached hand-warmer, or purchase gloves that suit your individual needs. Be sure they offer plenty of dexterity for throttle and brake use. 

Tackle Wet Terrain with Fat Tires

Did you know our electric bikes are designed for year-round riding? Our flagship fat tire, the RadRover, brings four full inches of tire width to your ride. Even our RadCity is riding on 2.3-inch wide tires, giving you a significant advantage over typical road-cycle tires.

Regardless of your bike model, follow the Rules for Rain:

  • Wear protective clothing
  • Navigate slippery or deep-puddle areas with caution (avoid submerging your ebike/battery at all times)
  • Park and store your ebike (especially the battery) in a dry area whenever possible
  • Wipe down your ebike once the ride is done

 Be safe out there, and most importantly, have fun!


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