Which Rad Rider are You?

Which Rad Rider are You?

Just like we have electric bikes built for anything, we have riders up for everything.


We'd like to recognize a few of them today: the outdoor rockstar, the hauling hero, and the space saving champion.  


Do you think you fall into any of those categories? Maybe you'd like to? Check out this list of very rad qualities and see how many of them apply to you. If you'd like to learn more, just click the link after each section and we'll tell you everything you need to know. 


And don't worry. There are many different types of Rad riders and this isn't all encompassing list. If you're not sure what kind you are, that might start with finding the best electric bike for you.



The Outdoor Rockstar

 A woman fishes alongside her RadRover electric fat bike.


Tell-tale signs you might be an Outdoor Rockstar:


 You’ve never really gotten the hang of that whole “spending a quiet weekend inside” thing.

  You once caught a fish that was this 
:hand:----------------------------:hand: big! You swear!


You're one tough cookie who can handle the wilderness like a champ. The only thing that scares you? Forgetting to charge your ebike battery before your big trip.


Learn more about our all-terrain riders. 



The Hauling Hero

 A mother and father strap their child into the back of a RadWagon electric cargo bike.


Tell-tale signs you might be a Hauling Hero:


  You thought about getting an SUV, for like, two seconds.


  No one's heard you say the words "don't make me come back there!" since you bought those child seats. 


  Other families in the neighborhood are jealous of your bike. They may not admit it, but you know. You know.  :smirk:



Learn more about our family riders. 


The Space Saving Champion

 A man exits a tiny house with his RadMini electric folding bike.


Tell-tale signs you might be a Space Saving Champion: 


  When you're ready to go, you're ready to go. You'd rather have a bike that you can just pop into inside of your RV or the trunk of your car. A bike rack would only slow you down. 


  A one-year lease on a studio apartment sounded great ... at the time. 


  You actually enjoy finding unique places to store your bike. It's kind of like that old school video game with the blocks that our legal department won't let us directly mention.


Learn more about our folding electric bike riders.



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