"When Will my Electric Bike Ship?"

"When Will my Electric Bike Ship?"

Update 4/16/21: You may have noticed that the shipping date for some models is currently listed as several months away.

While we understand that this is a long time to wait, we wanted to make sure that these bikes were available to purchase for any rider who had their heart set on a preferred model and wanted to secure theirs well in advance.

The dates listed are as accurate as possible, but please note that the entire manufacturing world is in the middle of a global supply chain challenge. As a result, there are some variables that are out of our control (like container shortages, port delays, and the Suez Canal incident).

We know how excited you are to get your new ebike and we are continually scaling up our operations to get it to you as soon as possible.


With less people relying on public transportation amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for bicycles has skyrocketed. And that's not just with us. That's a trend we've seen happen across the entire bike industry.

As a result, we're in the middle of a nationwide bicycle shortage, one that's leading to long wait times across the board.

We've worked with our manufacturing teams to ensure that we're producing electric bikes at maximum capacity, but making it through the current backlog still requires just a little more time than usual.

If you placed a backorder on a bike, you may be wondering why you were given such a long wait time. That's why we’d like to answer a few of the most common questions our Customer Experience team has been receiving.


I placed my order! Now what?


If your bike is in stock, our U.S. fulfillment center will send it out the next business day. If it’s not, they'll have to wait until the next batch of items has been received from our manufacturing teams.

The good news is, we’ve taken proactive steps long before the shortage to significantly cut down on that overall wait time.

Over the last few years, we've more than tripled our supply chain team and partnered with manufacturing facilities all across the globe. That means we’ll always have a steady stream of new bikes coming in and shipping out.

And we’re not even close to resting on our laurels. As we continue to scale-up our business, we're constantly adapting to make sure we have enough bikes to keep every future Rad rider just as excited about hitting the road as we are.  

What's the difference between a preorder and a backorder?

Both backorders and preorders allow you to reserve an item that's currently out of stock. They're basically the same as a normal purchase, except your ebike or accessory won't ship until the date specified on the product page.

The difference between the two? Backorders refer to bikes we've previously shipped but have temporarily sold out, while preorders are for new models that are set to ship out for the first time.

With the current demand for bikes across the industry, we rely on both backorders and preorders to provide you with some much-needed certainty. This is a handy way to make sure you get first dibs -- especially if it's for a model you just can't wait to ride.

For either, you’ll be asked for payment at the time of your order. This not only ensures that you lock in your place in the queue, but also makes sure you won’t be surprised by any sudden charges if a bike comes back in stock earlier than anticipated.


Big question: When will my bike arrive? 


When you place a backorder or preorder, you'll notice the product page has an estimated shipping timeframe based on the day that you visit the site.  

If you come back to the page later and see a different month than the one you were initially given, don't panic.

Since we fulfill orders on a first-come-first-serve basis, we update that timeline pretty frequently to ensure that every customer has a good sense of when their bike will arrive before they make a final decision.

While we ship orders chronologically, different variations and colors are often times built in different factories, which means some may be ready to go before others. If you notice that a neighbor has their new bike, even though you placed your order before them, we promise we're not playing favorites. Their model just happened to reach our fulfillment center first.


I saw you announced a new bike. Does that mean my order's going to take longer to arrive?


When we kicked off production for the RadMission and the RadWagon 4, we took key steps to make sure that we can chew gum and build bikes at the same time. Our manufacturing process takes careful consideration in making sure a new model does not delay the production of an existing one.

Whether you're waiting on a new bike or a classic model, your order remains our top priority.


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