The Rad Team Shares Their Favourite Ebikes

Group of Rad Power Bikes' employees pose with their personal Rad Power Bike ebike.

Officially, us Raddites don’t play favorites - we love each ebike equally.

However, a sweet perk of working for Rad includes choosing an ebike to call our very own. Which one, exactly? Just depends on who you ask. The input is as varied as the “staff picks” at a local bookstore. And, just like you, every one of us opts for a Rad that can best suit our needs.

Nic Pickard, Mobile Service Coordinator, is an advocate of one of our most popular ebikes, the RadRunner. "When my bike arrived, my stepson was wide eyed and beyond ready to help me assemble it," says Pickard. "It was a great teaching moment for him, and an amazing bonding experience for both of us. I'm not sure who loves my RadRunner more, me or him!"

Individual poses with a grin in front of their black RadRunner ebike.

Customer Service Specialist Chris Heilman is also a fan: “I think differently now,” says Heilman. “Instead of driving to the store a few miles away, I take my RadRunner Plus and try to make a small difference.”

Not to be outdone, Senior Manager of Rad Mobile Service Eric Frederick says that after receiving his RadCity, “the car is parked 95% of the time.” He relishes in skipping traffic on commutes and errands, and installed Rad’s dog carrier in the large basket. “Zipping around town with her face poking out one end of the carrier and her tail on the other makes me smile - and everyone who sees it!”

Talon Larson, Product Support Supervisor, raves about the latest update to our flagship electric fat tire bike, the RadRover 6 Plus, saying he and his wife use their matching RadRovers to go geocaching and watch birds in the local desert: “Sand, jumps, wheelies, cactus - they handle everything we’ve thrown at them!”

Two black fat-tire ebikes parked in the desert.

Aaron Stoertz, Principal Product Manager, Digital, is Team RadWagon. “My wagon is my go-to car replacement,” says Stoertz. “Since I got it in 2019, I've put more miles on it than my cars - everyday school drop off, commutes, day trips to the zoo, the beach. The wagon is our family car and with 2 kids in the back, it's a pure joy to get around town on.”

Fellow Raddites Drew Bjelk, Product Support Specialist, and Olivia Round, Recruiter, also appreciate the RadWagon’s carrying abilities. Round even managed to fit 11 pumpkins on her fall trip to the pumpkin patch!

A cargo ebike is parked in front of a pumpkin patch, with pumpkins strapped on the back.

What’s your favorite? Tell us on Instagram or Facebook. Looking for the best pick for you? Try our Ebike Quiz.


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