The Extra Mile | Addicted to Bikes

The Extra Mile | Addicted to Bikes

“The Extra Mile” is a Rad video series that highlights the dedication, passion, and stories of Rad Power Bikes employees. From R&D engineers who build electric cars for fun to retail specialists who are also journalists, each member of our team has their own Rad story. This is Derek’s.


As the top mechanic in our Vancouver, B.C., showroom, Derek is obsessed with getting others passionate about bikes.


“It’s addictive, getting people out pedaling,” he told us recently. “Anybody and everybody should be able to ride a bicycle.”


It’s an enthusiasm that stretches all the way back to when he went on his first solo bike ride as a child.


“I still remember being a kid and that first time you’re able to rip away from your house. All of a sudden, you’re like, ’I can’t hear my mom anymore, I can’t hear my dad anymore. As far as I can pedal, I can go and do.'"


Today, he still embraces that spirit, not just at work, but while shredding trails on his mountain bike in his free time. We tagged along for a rainy day excursion at Cypress Mountain, just north of Vancouver.





Here are a few things to know about Derek, in his own words. 


What's your favorite model of ebike from Rad Power Bikes?


The Rad Wagon is definitely the most useful bike we have. I'm glad it's helped wean so many people off their cars.


Where's your favorite place to ride?


Trails. The steeper and more technical they are, the more I find my zen.


What was your first mountain bike?


A sweet metallic purple Concord Rock & Roll 2.


What's something about you that would surprise us?


I’m actually pretty shy. I’m an outgoing introvert. 


Where's your favorite place to eat?


Thor’s Pizza in Nelson, BC.


Who's your favorite Athlete?


My wife. She's my favourite because she doesn't give up. She's very tenacious and always striving to learn more and better herself in whatever sport or activity she's involved in. I wouldn't be as healthy a person (body, mind and soul) as I'm trying to become if it weren't for her drive!


What's your favorite thing about Vancouver?


Leaving it ... to get outside. 





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